Veterans Peace Project: Free Portrait Session

Monday, November 11th

2-4 PM

SHINE Portrait Studio | Express Newark | 54 Halsey St. Newark, NJ

You're invited to join and participate in the Veterans Peace Project, an arts and community engagement project for New Arts, Monument Lab, and Shine Portrait Studio at Express Newark, to honor intergenerational veterans from Newark.

As a Veteran of the U.S. Army, who served in West Germany in the 1970s, renowned photographer Jamel Shabazz has made a mission to photograph veterans and the larger struggle for representation and healing. As Shabazz shared, “Since I grew up during the 1960s, I witnessed a time when the Vietnam War was in full motion, so I started photographing Veterans of various wars from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and all of the conflicts that transpired during the past 30 years. My lens was also trained towards the political and antiwar protests that took place after 9-11, in conjunction with the antiwar movement in America. Like those documentarians before me, I felt a great degree of duty to lend my voice and vision in preserving historic moments in my lifetime.”

For A Call to Peace, Shabazz set out to honor Newark veterans and their families against the backdrop of Military Park. As a joint residency project of New Arts and SHINE Portrait Studio, Shabazz’s Veterans Peace Project invites intergenerational veterans from Newark and their families for free portrait sessions. 

Free Portrait Session, 2-4 pm

Artist Conversation with Jamel Shabazz Moderated by Nick Kline, 5-7 pm