Telling Untold Histories Unconference: Sanctuary Spaces

An aged photo of a playground showing a child stepping up to the top of a slide looking out over a field with a barbwire-lined chain link fence in front of it.  The text "Sanctuary Spaces. Where's yours?" is written in the foreground.

Telling Untold Histories – New Jersey’s annual unconference that looks for human stories yet to be told – explores these histories and asks why some stories remain untold. Our theme for this year is sanctuary spaces. How can our institutions be sanctuary spaces for diverse communities?

Because we value the knowledge you bring, this unconference puts you at the center. Participants create the program by suggesting and choosing sessions on the day of the unconference. Feel the suspense building! Workshops offer attendees the chance to learn new skills to help you tell stories. Discussions and activities connect you with new people and leave you inspired. Join us at the Newark Public Library at 5 Washington Street from 11:30am-5:30pm followed by a reception and the keynote address from Sarah Pharaon.

For more information, visit the Telling Untold Histories website.  Visit the Eventbrite page to register.