Strong Black Girls

Strong Black Girls book coverJoin Professors Danielle Apugo, Lynnette Mawhinney, and Afiya Mbilishaka on Monday, March 1 at 6:00pm (ET) for a discussion of their edited volume, Strong Black Girls: Reclaiming Schools in Their Own Image.

Strong Black Girls lays bare the harm Black women and girls are expected to overcome in order to receive an education in America. The volume amplifies the routinely muffled voices and experiences of Black women and girls in schools through storytelling, essays, letters, and poetry. The authors make clear that the strength of Black women and girls should not merely be defined as the ability to survive racism, abuse, and violence. Drs. Apugo, Mawhinney, and Mbilishaka will discuss questions that extend the conversation around the everyday realities of navigating K–12 schools, such as sexuality, intergenerational influence, self-love, anger, leadership, aesthetic trauma (hair and body image), erasure, rejection, and unfiltered Black girlhood.

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photo of Danielle Apugo


Danielle Apugo, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her research broadly explores Black women and girls educational experiences.



photo of Lynnette Mawhinney


Lynnette Mawhinney, PhD, is Chair of the Department of Urban Education and Associate Professor at Rutgers University-Newark. Her research explores the lives of urban teachers and students of Color. 


Photo of Afiya Mbilishanka


Afiya Mbilishaka, PhD, is a therapist, hairstylist, and Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of the District of Columbia who focuses on understanding and using traditional African cultural rituals for contemporary holistic mental health practices. She is an alumna of Howard University and the University of Pennsylvania.