Play and Learning Conference

play and learning conference flyerThursday, May 30

9AM - 5:30PM

Rutgers Business School

Bove Auditorium, 1 Washington Park, Newark

This conference brings together experts on the science of playful learning with educators, policy makers, funders, and community leaders with the goal of helping stakeholders understand scientifically validated principles of learning through play, helping scientists understand the needs of and questions of the communities that our science is intended to benefit. Scientists will discuss new findings from their research programs for a broad audience, as well as open questions and important avenues for future research, helping to identify questions such as: What are the current gaps in our theories of guided, playful learning? How can we draw connections from basic science questions to current educational and parenting practices? Stakeholders will talk about existing initiatives and approaches, including successes and non-successes. Panels and discussions will emphasize opportunities for synergy and ways to overcome existing challenges.

Post-conference event 5:30-9:30PM

Clement's Place, 15 Washington St. Newark