Physics Seminars: Dr. Lou Kondic

This is part of a weekly series hosted by the Physics Department on Fridays 11:30am - 12:30pm

Location: Smith 206

Lou Kondic at his desk

Dr. Lou Kondic

Lou Kondic has worked in a number of fields in fluid mechanics, soft matter physics, and materials science. These include compressible fluid mechanics with applications to sonoluminescence, thin fluid films on micro and nano scale, and dense granular matter. The projects that he has worked on have led to undergraduate research projects carried out in the Capstone Laboratory in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, with some of the projects resulting in research papers published in peer reviewed journals.

Lou Kondic has a supervised a number of graduate students and postdoctoral associates, and collaborates extensively with the researchers from a number of different countries. He has published more than 100 papers in leading research journals, and his research has been funded extensively by the NSF, NASA, DOD, and DARPA, among other funding agencies. He is a Fulbright Fellow and as of the Fall 2015, he holds the position of a Director of the Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics at NJIT.