Physics Colloquium - Professor Trevor Tyson

Professor Trevor Tyson of NJIT will deliver a talk in room Smith 206 (Physics conference room).

Tyson's research interests include:

  • Structure-transport correlations in transition-metal oxide systems: Local structural characterization of CMR materials and high temperature superconductors by synchrotron based x-ray absorption and scattering
  • Investigation of the origin of magnetic properties of thin films: Studies of the local ordering of magnetic atoms in GMR thin films, multilayers, magneto-optical films and antiferromagnetic oxides
  • Fundamental Atomic and Molecular Physics. Relativistic and correlation effects in atomic and molecular system.
  • Application of novel physics and materials science methods to the solution of environmental science problems such as heavy metal contaminant determination and corrosion prevention and detection
  • Determination of the relation between failure in bone and the structure of the organic and inorganic components. Studies of the function of transition metal active sites in metaloprotein systems: myoglobin and hemoglobin