Physics & Chemistry Welcome Dr. Gabriel Kotliar

Fall 2018 Lecture Series:  Dr. Gabriel Kotliar

Sept 21, 2018 – Friday
LSC2 - 130


The Road to a Predictive Theory of Strongly Correlated Electron Materials


The prediction of the physical properties of solids without experimental input is a longstanding challenge in theoretical physics.  Weakly correlated materials, are well understood in terms of the Fermi Liquid paradigm and their properties can be accurately computed with modern implementations of density functional theory and perturbation theory in the screened Coulomb interactions, to the point that designing materials with desirable properties is now possible.  

Correlated electron systems are materials for which this paradigm fails dramatically. They continue to   surprise us with their exceptional physical properties, such as high temperature superconductivity, and their potential for new applications.  They pose one of the most difficult non-perturbative challenges in physics.

In this colloquium I   will give an elementary introduction to the field of strongly correlated electron materials and Dynamical Mean Field Theory (DMFT) a non-perturbative method which provides a zeroth order picture of the strong correlation phenomena in close analogy with the Weiss mean field theory in statistical mechanics.  Applications materials containing f and d electrons will be presented.  We will show how the anomalous properties of correlated materials emerge from their atomic constituents and conclude with an outlook of the challenges ahead and the perspectives for a rational material design.