P3 Collaboratory: SMARTeaching, A Series on Faculty Development

Monday, March 27th @ 11:30am-12:30pm (60 min)

Presenters: Dr. Kent Harber and Dr. Jamie Gorman (SAS-N, Psychology)

This workshop will be offered in two modalities: Remotely via Zoom (synchronous) and In-Person, with the meeting held in the Center for Law & Justice, Room 202. Register Here and indicate how you plan to attend.

This one-hour workshop will explore Dr. Kent Harber and Dr. Jamie Gorman's experimental research on interracial dynamics as they pertain to providing feedback on student work. In their various articles on interracial student-teacher communication - for example: "The Conflicted Language of Interracial Feedback" (2019) - Harber and Gorman have expanded on previous evidence of positive feedback bias when white instructors score and provide written commentary on the work of students of color. Their research describes how the volume and tone of instructional feedback relates to instructor's emotional and psychological needs and they propose ways that educators can re-focus their feedback practices to center student learning. The workshop will also include a discussion of "wise feedback" and other instructional strategies that may serve as correctives to the biases Harber and Gorman explore. Session includes time for participant Q&A; bring your questions and observations to share.

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