Majors and Minors Exploration Week

major and minor exploration week february 14th through the 18th


The School of Arts and Sciences-Newark, Office of Academic Services, is excited to announce the Spring Majors and Minors Exploration week will be Monday, February 14 - Friday, February 18th! During Exploration week, we will have virtual opportunities to explore majors/minors and special programs:

  1. 2/14 - 2/18
    • Exploratory Student Appointments (via RUN4Success)
      • Whether or not you know where to start, this is an opportunity to ensure you are on the right track! This will allow you to personalize your major/minor exploration experience and discuss what fits you and how to get there.
  2. Monday | 2. 14. 22 | 11:30am - 12:50pm
    • Intro to Pre-Law Workshop 
      • Come and learn about the Legal Professions and how you can gain the most valuable experiences now!
    • Intro to Pre-Health Workshop
      • Come and learn about the Health Professions and how you can gain the most valuable experiences now!

  3. Tuesday | 2.15.22 | 12pm - 1pm
    • Intro to Arts, Media and Entertainment (hosted by the CDC)
  4. Wednesday | 2.16.22 | 2:30pm - 3:50pm
    • Majors and Minors Exploration Fair 
      • Choosing a major can be an overwhelming task. A majority of students enter college undecided on a major or will end up changing their original major before they reach graduation. The majors and minors fair offers the opportunity to explore the major and minor options that are offered within the School of Arts and Sciences-Newark. Whether you are a freshman or sophomore who have yet to declare or a junior and senior already declared, the fair offers the perfect time to speak to your faculty advisor and discuss the details of each major and minor. You may even discover a major that you never knew existed! 
  5. Thursday | 2.17.22 | 12pm - 1pm
    • Intro to Data & Technology  (hosted by the CDC)
  6. Friday | 2.18.22 | 1pm - 2:15pm
    • Choosing a Major/Minor
      • Many students face the reality of being exploratory and interested in multiple areas of study regarding the selection of a major and minor. This interactive workshop will be a great opportunity to learn more about the majors and minors related to your interests and start you on the path to choosing your ideal program of study".

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