David Makes Man discussion: Dai's Journey

June 14th –June 18th at 7:00pm ET | 4:00pm PT

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Have you watched David Makes Man? Join Dr. Wizdom Powell, Director of the UConn Health Disparities Institute; Dr. Jacqueline Mattis, Dean of  SASN at Rutgers-Newark, and numerous colleagues for a live webcast conversation all week long June 14th through June 18th at 7:00pm ET.

Each night, we will unpack two episodes from Season 1 David Makes Man, a series that gives breath to the full humanity, vulnerabilities and journey of David, a young Black boy, and his story of becoming. In traversing through the ecologies of his life, we see David facing choices that change between his environments at home, in the ‘ville’, and at school. He establishes relationships, and shares bonds in navigating the nuances of masculinities, systematically produced trauma, meaning of fatherhood, and the various social implications attached to becoming a man.  

Join us starting on June 14th at 7:00pm to learn and engage. Discussion topics:

June 14: Episodes 1&2 David's Sky, Dai Out
June 15: Episodes 3&4 MJB, Gloria
June 16: Episodes 5&6 Love or Poetize these Hoze, When it all Falls
June 17: Episodes 7&8 Son of Man, Bubble House
June 18: Episodes 9&10 Some I Love Who are Dead, 3 Sons Sky

Register and join us on the UConnHDI Facebook or YouTube live each night. The conversation is meant for the whole family, educators, and youth. Before the webcast conversations, we invite you to watch David Makes Man on HBOMax or Youtube, and also visit an original public health syllabus to connect David Makes Man themes through art, spoken word, articles, and videos. Follow along and share #DaisJourney #IAMDai