Minor in Economics


Introduction to Economics (220:101,102) is a prerequisite for all other economics courses.  Mathematics 640:113 or its equivalent, or tested proficiency in College Algebra, is a prerequisite for all 220 courses, except Introduction to Economics (220:101,102).


The economics minor requires 21 credits in economics courses to be completed with a grade of C or better.  This includes:
- 12 credits of the following core classes:
          220:101 Introduction to Economics-Micro       
          220:102 Introduction to Economics-Macro          
          220:301 Intermediate Economic Theory-Micro      
          220:302 Intermediate Economic Theory-Macro

9 credits of electives in Economics, which may also include:  

         220:203 Statistics
         220:303 Introduction to Econometrics 

Note: RBS finance courses may not be used for the economics minor.