Message from the Dean

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Isaac Jimenez

The Office of Academic Services of the Newark College of Arts & Sciences and University College -Newark is dedicated to student success, including academic, personal and professional development. Our office is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly professionals armed with facts and experience to assist students in discovering and achieving their goals. In collaboration with faculty, staff and others, the Office endeavors to create, promote, and enrich the learning environment at Rutgers University - Newark and the personal experience of every student.

Although we are a component of the Newark College of Arts and Sciences and University College-Newark, we provide a variety of services to all students at the Rutgers University-Newark campus. Our team of professional advisement counselors assist faculty, staff, and students in obtaining the academic services, resources, and information they need so that students can move forward to graduation in a timely, effective manner. Our primary goal is to help every student graduate as quickly as possible - preferably first time students will graduate in five years or less and transfer student will graduate in three years or less. 

In alignment with the Missions of Rutgers University - Newark, the mission of the Office of Academic Services is to facilitate student learning and success, initiating and offering programs and services that reflect a mentor culture conducive to academic and personal development.

Specific Goals of the Office:

  • Providing Excellence in Academic Advisement
  • Advocating for Students
  • Providing Leadership in Student Discovery of Personal Responsibility
  • Establishing and Maintaining Collaborative Relationships with Faculty and Staff
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Academic Integrity
  • Facilitating the Movement of Students Through the Matriculation Cycle from Admittee to Loyal Alumni

The Office of Academic Services accomplishes our goals by:

  • Assisting students in developing educational plans consistent with individual interests, abilities, and goals
  • Assisting students in choosing a major field of study and a minor field of exploration
  • Assisting students in identifying courses to enhance skills and interests
  • Instructing students about course choices within available course offerings
  • Familiarizing students with  academic policies, rules, procedures, and requirements
  • Maintaining academic standards
  • Supporting students’ timely and satisfactory progress towards a degree

Our Student Counselors, Deans, Support Staff, and Peer Advisors are knowledgeable about current university, college and departmental policies and procedures. We are accessible to students via office hours, phone, e-mail and other social media venues. This website, as well as Facebook and Twitter, contains the most up-to-date information for students, including our services and other services on campus. With expertise on university policies, resources and opportunities, as well as on-going and extensive training in academic advisement, our counselors guide students from first enrollment to graduation. 

We are here to assist students with academic planning‑to help you build a foundation for appropriate academic decisions throughout your years at Rutgers University - Newark. Our office is open year-round and we encourage all students to drop by or make an appointment.

Sofia Pinto-FigueroaDean of Academic Services