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Majors and Minors Exploration Week

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Welcome to our Fall 2020 Virtual Majors and Minors Exploration Week!

Starting October 5th, you will have the opportunity to hear from faculty, staff and alumni. We kick off our week with our highly anticipated virtual Majors and Minors Exploration Fair! 



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Welcome to the Fall 2020 Virtual Majors and Minors Exploration Fair! Choosing a major can be an overwhelming task. A majority of students enter college undecided on a major or will end up changing their original major before they reach graduation. The majors and minors fair offers the opportunity to explore the major and minor options that are offered within the School of Arts and Sciences-Newark. Whether you are a freshman or sophomore who have yet to declare or a junior and senior already declared, the fair offers the perfect time to speak to your faculty advisor and discuss the details of each major and minor. You may even discover a major that you never knew existed! 


Check out the video below for details on what the majors & minors fair is all about! 




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If you have decided on the major and minor that is right for you, fill out the declaration of major/minor form and email it to your faculty advisor. 


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  • Connecting interests, majors and careers (hosted by The Career Development Center)  

    • Wednesday, October 7th 2:30pm - 3:50pm (Free Period)
reflections from our alumni

Check in daily during the week of October 5th to hear from SASN alumni as they reflect on their Rutgers-Newark student experiences and share how they selected their major, and all the amazing things they are doing now. 

                                                                Be sure to follow us on Instagram @sasn_oas to meet them! 

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