Majors and Minors Exploration Week

Three Ways to take part in the Majors and Minors Exploration Week: 



Meet with us!

Whether or not you know where to start, this is an opportunity to ensure you are on the right track! Personalize your major/minor exploration experience and discuss what fits you and how to get there. Appointments available starting Monday, February 13th-16th or join us for group advising on Friday February 17th at our Meet Your Advisor event. 

Schedule an Appointment (M-Th 8:30-4:30) Feb 13-16 |or Attend our virtual Meet and Greet (Friday, Feb. 17th - 10am-12pm) Passcode: SASN






Detecting the Right Major/Minor

On Monday, February 13th (11:30am-12:50pm) we kickoff the week with a virtual event fit for everyone! Whether you're undecided, exploring, or interested in adding another minor this workshop will help you get started. Register in advance! 






Majors & Minors Exploration Fair (in-person Event) Feb. 15th - 2:30pm-3:50pm

Designed to help you explore options for academic majors/minors and special programs through conversations with staff and faculty campus-wide. This is an opportunity to gather information in a relaxed, fun setting! Location: Paul Robeson Campus Center 1st Floor (Student Street)

Preparing for the Majors and Minors Exploration Fair

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