Majors and Minors Exploration Week february 14th - 16th

Majors and Minors Exploration Week

Three Ways to take part in the Majors and Minors Exploration Week: 



Exploratory Student Appointments (use RUN4Success)

Whether or not you know where to start, this is an opportunity to ensure you are on the right track! Personalize your major/minor exploration experience and discuss what fits you and how to get there.






Exploration Week Events

Between February 14th and February 18th, workshops covering various subjects will be hosted by the Office of Academic Services and the Career Development Center. Hope to see you at one or more of this week's events! 






Majors & Minors Exploration Fair (Virtual Event) 2/16

Designed to help you explore options for academic majors/minors and special programs through conversations with staff and faculty campus-wide. This is an opportunity to gather information in a relaxed, fun setting!

Preparing for the Majors and Minors Exploration Fair