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Federated Department of History | Legal Studies Minor

Legal Studies Minor

The Legal Studies minor, offered by the Department of History, is an 18-credit, interdisciplinary minor designed to provide students with an introduction to law.  The minor serves to enhance one’s preparation for a law-related graduate program and/or career.

To declare the minor:

Complete a declaration of minor form and submit it for signature to the History Department via email  ( or in person (323 Conklin Hall). Forms will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and the minor should be reflected on student records in approximately one week.

For advisement in Legal Studies/Pre-Law:

Mr. Chazz Fellenz,
Assistant Dean of Pre-Professional Services

For general questions:

Office of Academic Services
360 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Hill Hall Room 312
Newark, NJ 07102-1284
(973) 353-5800

Minor Requirements:

The minor consists of 18 credits, divided as follows:

    6 credits of select required courses.
    12 credits in a select electives courses (no more than two courses per department).

Below is a list of courses approved for each category.

Required Courses (6.0 credits):
Select ANY TWO courses from the list below.

21:512:265: American Legal History I
21:512:266: American Legal History II
43:600:101: Introduction to American Law

Electives (12.0 credits; no more than 6.0 credits from one department will be accepted):

Criminal Justice

47:202:221: Case Processing: The Law & The Courts (formerly 47:202:310)
47:202:222: Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice (formerly 47:202:311)
47:202:225: Criminal Justice: Ethical and Philosophical Foundations (formerly 47:202:345)


21:512:265: American Legal History I (use as elective if not used for required course)
21:512:266: American Legal History II (use as elective if not used for required course)

NJIT History Courses

HIST 362: Sex, Gender & Law in American History
HIST 367: International Law & Diplomacy in History
HIST 369: Law & Society in History
HIST 370: Legal Issues in the History of Media
HIST 375: Legal Issues in Environmental History
HIST 378: Medicine and Health Law in Modern America


43:600:101: Introduction to American Law (use as elective if not used for required course)
43:600:102: Survey of American Business Law
43:600:104: Constitutional Criminal Procedure
43:600:105: Criminal Law
43:600:106: Animals: Ethics and Law
43:600:107: Islamic Jurisprudence
43:600:110: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
43:600:111: Sports Law
43:600:112: Islamophobia and the Law


21:730:107: Critical Thinking
21:730:201: Intro to Logic
21:730:212: Intro to Ethics
21:730:345: Philosophy of Law

Political Science

21:790:304: Introduction to Law & Legal Research
21:790:359: Government & Politics of New Jersey
21:790:376: American Political Theory
21:790:401: American Constitutional Development
21:790:409: Law & Public Policy
21:790:441: Civil Liberties


21:920:349: Law and Society


21:355:433: Writing In the Professions: Law