John M. Maiello


Pre-Health Advisory Committee and Advisor, Rutgers Pre-Medical Society

Physiological factors influencing growth and sporulation in fungi.


B.A. in Botany and Geology, Hunter College of the City University of New York, 1965.

Ph.D. in Mycology, Rutgers University, 1972.


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  • Maiello, J. M. 1977. The influence of ultraviolet light and carbohydrate nutrition on pycnidium formation in Phyllosticta antirrhiniMycologia 69:349-354.

Instructional Scholarly Activities

  • Maiello, J. M. 2005. Mycology Laboratory Manual. 149pp.
  • Maiello. J.M. 2005. Text. Mycology: Condensed for Biology and Premedical Students. 225pp.