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Leave of Absence Without Salary

Refer to the AAUP-AFT Contract


Medical/Family Leave and Disability Resulting from Pregnancy

Refer to the AAUP-AFT Contract


Parental Leave

Refer to the AAUP-AFT Contract


Sabbatical Leave Program 2022-2023

Sabbatical Leave Program Instructions and Application

Tenured Faculty members are to be reviewed at five year intervals, in accordance with the Post-Tenure Review procedure.


● Post-Tenure Review Policy (60.5.6)

Post-Doctoral Associate

A Post-Doctoral Associate is an individual who performs complex research activity under the supervision of a Principal Investigator. The term of appointment of a post-doctoral associate is ordinarily one year. A post-doctoral associate is an individual holding a doctoral degree employed by Rutgers University to perform research or scholarship, in continuation of his/her education, and under the direction of the Principal Investigaor (PI), in order to meet the research or scholarship goals established by the pertinent funding agency. The efforts of the post-doctoral associate must be certified to the funding agency. An appointment as a post-doctoral associate within academic departments requires the approval of the appropriate Dean. ROCs posting/advertising is required


Post-Doctoral Fellow

A Post-Doctoral Fellow is an individual who receives a grant for post-doctoral study and training. The term of appointment of a post-doctoral fellow is ordinarily one year. No services are required of post-doctoral fellows, either by Rutgers University of the funding agency, in exchange for this award; any benefit to Rutgers or the funding agency should be incidental to the purpose of continuing the fellow’s education. A post-doctoral fellow is usually appointed for periods not in excess of one year at a time. Posting/advertising of this position is not required.