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Center for African Studies
Director: Genese Marie Sodikoff,

The Center for African Studies (CAS), established in 1997, coordinates many exciting initiatives related to Africa around the university. It offers a minor and graduate certificate in African Studies. CAS also promotes the study of African languages, and the Model African Union, a participatory course that culminates in a national student summit in Washington, D.C. Another primary role of CAS is to foster a greater public understanding of Africa, particularly among K-12 teachers. The Graduate School of Education’s Office of Continuing Education and Global Programs maintains a resource center with curricula and programs linking Africa to the US for educators, and makes specialists available to assist teachers covering Africa in world history, social studies, special education, math, and the arts.


Center for Immigration Law, Policy and Justice (CILJP)
Director: Rose Cuison-Villazor,

The Center for Immigration Law, Policy and Justice (CILJP)’s mission is to advance equitable and more inclusive immigration and citizenship laws, policies and practices. The Center explores contemporary and historical immigration and citizenship laws to better understand the complex ways that law and society determine who belongs in the United States. The CILPJ employs interdisciplinary scholarship, legal, policy and advocacy initiatives, and public engagement to examine the adoption of equitable and just immigration and citizenship laws.  The CILPJ fosters the work of faculty, scholars and students within the law school and the broader Rutgers University Newark community who seek to understand immigration and citizenship law from an interdisciplinary perspective. It aims to provide a broader understanding of the body of laws that determine who may enter, reside and become full members of the United States polity and the rights to which they are entitled while they are within this country.  


Center for Law, Inequality and Metropolitan Equity (CLiME)
Director: David Troutt,

The Rutgers Law School Center for Law, Inequality and Metropolitan Equity (CLiME) is committed to studying the role of law and policy in encouraging or inhibiting opportunity based on place.  Its non-partisan efforts are designed to promote more equitable approaches to public law and policy amid rapid demographic change, shrinking government resources and enduring racial and economic divides.   Where possible, CLiME’s efforts recognize the interdependent relationship among places in a given region and the most inclusive conceptions of sustainability.


Center for Migration and the Global City (CMGC)
Director: Tim Raphael,

The Center for Migration and the Global City is an incubator for multidisciplinary scholarship, innovative pedagogy and civic engagement that addresses both the global and local dimensions of migration. CMGC is particularly interested in how global migration has impacted, is impacting, and will impact the Newark region and the state of New Jersey. In this capacity, CMGC is also a catalyst for generating collaborative partnerships between Rutgers faculty and New Jersey immigrant communities and the organizations that represent them.


Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights (CGRH)
Director: Alex Hinton,

CGHR’s mission is to understand and prevent genocide and mass atrocity crimes. In doing so, CGHR takes a critical prevention approach. On the one hand, the Center grapples with critical human rights issues, including the most pressing 21st century challenges that may give rise to genocide, atrocity crimes, and related interventions. On the other hand, the Center uses a critical lens to rethink assumptions and offer alternative ideas and solutions.


Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience
Director: Jack Tchen,

The Price Institute is a campus-based, community-oriented center for the public arts and humanities, committed to critical thinking and creativity in civic life. In 1997, the Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience at Rutgers-Newark was founded with the belief that the arts and humanities – in all their creativity and scholarly rigor – have a central role to play in the continued revitalization of Greater Newark. The Institute strives, in the finest university tradition, to satisfy a hunger for new ideas and new ways of looking at the city and the world. As part of a vibrant civic ecology, it engages a range of community partners and audiences through public programs whose collective objective is to help make Newark a more livable, interesting, and civically wholesome urban environment.


International Institute for Peace (IIP)
Director: Chris Duncan, Lynn Kuzma

The International Institute for Peace (IIP) is a UNESCO Category II organization founded in 2011, dedicated to the promotion of research and education on peacebuilding and conflict transformation through nonviolent struggle, and the cultivation of a culture of peace.  The IIP builds partnerships locally and globally by working with grassroots organizations, youth leaders, activists, artists, journalists, educators and researchers to promote peacebuilding, nonviolent conflict transformation, and a just and sustainable peace.


Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies
Director: Charles M. Payne,

Since it was established in 2000, the Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies has been a signature component of Rutgers University-Newark’s commitment to be an anchor institution for the metropolitan area.  Cornwall’s specific role is bringing the campus’s intellectual talent and other resources to bear on the challenges of revitalizing Newark and similar communities in the region and state. To this end, the Center sponsors research projects, publications, conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, public forums, and incubates projects translating research into effective practice. In all its work, Cornwall is especially concerned with supporting the most vulnerable urban populations.


Newest Americans
Director: Tim Raphael,

Newest Americans is an innovative art and documentary project chronicling the immigrant experience from the vantage point of the campus of Rutgers University-Newark (RU-N), which U.S. News & World Report has designated the most diverse national university every year since 1997. The project cross-pollinates academic inquiry, professional media production and public humanities programming to generate fresh narratives and insights about our emerging majority minority population and the nation it is transforming.


Office of Global Learning and Experiential Learning
Director: Clayton Walton,

The Rutgers University-Newark, Office of Global Initiatives and Experiential Learning facilitate a dynamic menu of study away, field study and experiential learning opportunities that prepare students to be global professionals, scholar-practitioners, and community engaged social change agents.