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GUS | Advisement Guide

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Please note: this guide outlines the requirement for PhD students effective Fall 2021.  Students who started the program prior to Fall 2021 should refer to the Pre-2021 Advisement Form for cohorts entering the program between Fall 2016-Fall 2020.


Program Core
(9 credits)

Urban Governance in Global Perspective


Urban Theory and the Contemporary City

Producing Place: Theories and Concepts in Urban Geography 3
Research Core
(14 credits)
Research Seminar: Quantitative Methods 3
Research Seminar: Qualitative Methods 3
Research methods or theory course by advisement 3
Research methods or theory course by advisement 3
  Urban Systems Colloquia (1 credit each semester x 2 semesters) 2
(15 credits)
Chosen in consultation with the committee, see below for more information 15
Qualifying Exam
Dissertation Proposal
Writing Course

(3 credits)
Writing the Dissertation Proposal 3
Proposal Defense
Dissertation Sequence 
(13 credits)
Dissertation Research 13
Matriculation Continued
Matriculation w/loan deferment (26:001:899) or Matriculation w/o loan deferment (26:977:800)  


Download and complete an advisement form using the links below to assess your progress in the program.   Students are encouraged to track their progress in the program using this form and to bring an updated copy to advisement meetings with the program's co-directors.


Students admitted to the Global Urban Studies Ph.D. program after 2015, are required to take 18 credits of graduate level electives (preferably PhD level courses). Electives should be chosen based on your research interests.

Students may enroll in electives offered by the three tracks of Urban Systems (GUS, Environment, Humanities) or electives offered by graduate programs throughout Rutgers. All electives must be approved by program directors.

To assist in your selection of courses, please visit Graduate School-Newark's catalog of classes.

Links to specific curriculum guides have been provided for you below:

American Studies 050
Business and Science 137
Criminal Justice 202
Economics 220
Environmental Science 375
Environmental Geology 380
Global Affairs 478
History 510
Peace & Conflict Studies 735
Political Science 790
Public Administration 834