Gardens that Free Us: Urban Gardening, Sustainability, and Healing

July 01, 2020 | 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Via Zoom or
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The global pandemic has acerbated long-existing inequities in terms of land use, food, and health, now only intensified by large-scale failures in supply chains leading to food scarcity. Community and urban gardens provide possibilities of local action and have been at the heart of an urban agriculture movement in Newark tied closely to pushing forward a larger picture of more equitable futures through whole systems approaches based on sustainability. Gardens that Free Us: Urban Gardening, Sustainability and Healing features Jamie Bruno (artist and Co-Founder of Urban Agriculture Cooperative), Michaeline Picaro (artist, healer, and Clan Mother of the Turtle Clan of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation), and Tobias Fox (Founder and Managing Director of Science and Sustainability, Inc.), moderated by the Price’s interim Associate Director Alexandra Chang. The conversation offers information about the importance of local foodways and urban gardening projects in Newark in terms of our health, spirituality, and sustainable futures. The program also suggests opportunities for folks to get engaged for access to fresh produce and to support local agriculture through online markets during the pandemic. We also had a sneak peek at a new green multi-use building and farmer’s market project in Newark with Science and Sustainability, Inc. Looking to our post-COVID-19 futures, the Price Institute is planning more programs related to urban farming, herbalism, health, and self-care and the idea of the Healing Garden both online and, we hope in the near future, in-person. For now, you can visit our YouTube site to view Gardens that Free Us!

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Top to Bottom, Left to Right -  Alex Chang, Jamie Bruno, Michaeline Mann, and Tobias Fox
Top to Bottom, Left to Right -  Alex Chang, Jamie Bruno, Michaeline Mann, and Tobias Fox