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Asian Studies Minor


Federated Department of History | Rutgers University – Newark

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Director: Audrey Truschke

The Asian Studies minor at the Department of History offers an interdisciplinary perspective on Asia for students planning careers in any field involving contact with East Asia, South and Southeast Asia, Near East and the Middle East, including business, law, teaching, or social work. Students can choose from a wide range of course offerings spanning Asian history, culture, language, philosophy, politics, economy and geography. This minor also allows students to craft a personalized course of study and focus on their particular areas of interest (such as literature, film, religious and philosophical traditions, gender, popular culture, political institutions, economics, etc.) in consultation with the director. With this flexibility and interdisciplinarity, students can expect to gain a broad perspective on a diverse, dynamic region as well as cross-cultural competence, two significant assets for future academic study and/or employment at home and overseas.

In order to declare the minor, complete a declaration of minor form and submit it for signature to the History Department via email ( or in person (323 Conklin Hall). Forms will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and the minor should be reflected on student records in approximately one week.

Declaration of minor form


The minor in Asian Studies requires 18 credits of coursework that must be completed as follows:

  • 6 credits in history related to any of the following: East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Near East, Middle East*
  • 12 credits in a combination of courses chosen from Arabic, Chinese, or other languages subject to director's approval, history, humanities and/or social sciences*
  • A grade of C or higher in each course applied to the minor

* A list of courses approved for each category may be obtained in the Department of History or clicking the list below.

Students may substitute other courses with permission of the director. Credit for internships or study abroad programs connected with Asia may be applied with the director’s prior approval.

To apply

  • Complete a declaration of minor form available online or in-person the Department of History Office, 323 Conklin Hall.
  • Schedule an appointment with the director. Bring the completed form along with a copy of your current unofficial transcript.
  • Return the approved declaration form to the Office of Department of History, 323 Conklin Hall.

Asian Studies Course List

Asian Studies History and Elective Courses
Other courses with Asia-related content may be considered for minor credit, please contact the director.

  • History Courses (6 credits)

    • 510:280 South Asian History I
    • 510:281 South Asian History II
    • 510:284 South Asian Religions
    • 510:285 History of Hinduism
    • 510:286 The Ancient Near East
    • 510:287 History of Islamic Civilization I
    • 510:288 History of Islamic Civilization II
    • 510:297 History of East Asia I
    • 510:298 History of East Asia II
    • 510:333 History of Imperialism
    • 510:337 History of Iran
    • 510:338 The Ottoman Empire
    • 510:339 The West, Islam, and the Middle East
    • 510:353 Modern China
    • 510:354 Modern China
    • 510:356 History of the People's Republic of China
    • 510:361 Modern Middle East
    • 510:379 Colonialism & Decolonialism
    • 510:390 Gender and Caste in Southeast Asian History
    • 510:449 Topics in Asia and the Far East
    • 510:450 Topics in Asia and the Far East
    • 512:231 Asian American History
  • American Studies

    • 050:245 The Asian American Experience
  • Anthropology

    • 070:303 Anthropology of Postcolonialism
    • 070:320 Human Rights in a Global World
    • 070:353 People and Cultures of Southeast Asia
  • Arabic

    • 074:101 Elementary Modern Arabic I
    • 074:102 Elementary Modern Arabic II
    • 074:131 Intermediate Modern Arabic I
    • 074:132 Intermediate Modern Arabic II
    • 074:301 Quranic Arabic I
    • 074:302 Quranic Arabic II
    • 074:311 Arabic Literature in English Translation I
    • 074:312 Arabic Literature in English Translation II
    • 074:353 Independent Study in Arabic I
    • 074:354 Independent Study in Arabic II
  • Art History

    • 082:280 Art of the Far East
    • 082:281 Global Asias
    • 082:289 Islamic Art and Visual Culture
    • 082:290 Islamic Art and Architecture
    • 082:291 Representing Gender in the Modern Middle East
  • Chinese

    • 165:101 Elementary Chinese I
    • 165:102 Elementary Chinese II
    • 165:121 Chinese Reading and Writing
    • 165:131 Intermediate Chinese I
    • 165:132 Intermediate Chinese II
    • 165:201 Advanced Modern Chinese I
    • 165:202 Advanced Modern Chinese II
  • Economics

    • 220:335 International Economic Relations
    • 220:339 Economic Development
  • English

    • 350:236 Reading South Asian Literature
    • 350:254 Post-Colonial Literature
    • 350:395 Nuclear War and Literature
    • 352:230 Race, Nation, and Borders in American Literature
    • 352:350 The Vietnam War and American Literature
    • 352:433 Asian American Literature
  • Japanese

    • 565:101 Elementary Japanese
    • 565:102 Elementary Japanese
    • 565:131 Intermediate Japanese
    • 565:132 Intermediate Japanese
  • Philosophy

    • 730:362 Eastern Philosophy
    • 730:382 The Self: East & West
  • Political Science

    • 790:316 Government and Politics of the Far East
    • 790:317 International Political Economy
    • 790:321 World Politics
    • 790:333 Government and Politics in the Middle East
    • 790:390 Politics of Global Development

Asian Studies Director

Audrey Truschke

Professor and Asian Studies Director