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Minor in Ancient and Medieval Civilizations

Federated Department of History | Rutgers University – Newark

Ancient and Medieval Civilizations Minor

Director: Gary Farney


The interdepartmental undergraduate minor in Ancient and Medieval Civilizations (AMC) encourages students to study the interrelations among the civilizations of Eurasia and North Africa, and to appreciate how this exchange facilitated material and intellectual development from ancient times through the Middle Ages. These civilizations are approached through courses in history, language and literature, art and archaeology, religion and myth, and law and philosophy.

In order to declare the minor, complete a declaration of minor form and submit it for signature to the History Department via email  ( or in person (323 Conklin Hall). Forms will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and the minor should be reflected on student records in approximately one week.

The minor consists of 18 credits*, divided as follows:

  • 6 credits of select history courses and select courses in material and intellectual development  (other courses not in this list may be approved of by the AMC Director to count toward the minor):

21:060:406  Topics in Ancient and Medieval Civilization (3 credits)

21:082:310  Ancient Art (3 credits)

21:082:320  Medieval Art (3 credits)

21:350:341  Mythology in Literature (3 credits)

21:350:353,354  Bible as Literature I, II (3 credits each course)

21:350:373  Chaucer (3 credits)

21:510:255  Ancient Greek Civilization (3 credits)

21:510:256  Roman Civilization (3 credits)

21:510:257  Greco-Roman Myth and Religion (3 credits)

21:510:263  History of Africa I (3 credits)

21:510:280 South Asian History I (3 credits)

21:510:286  The Ancient Near East (3 credits)

21:510:287  History of Islamic Civilization I (3 credits)

21:510:297  History of East Asia I (3 credits)

21:510:305  Ancient Sport: Olympians to Gladiators (3 credits)

21:510:306  Greek and Roman Cities (3 credits)

21:510:319  Ancient Greek History (3 credits)

21:510:320  Roman History (3 credits)

21:510:327,328  Civilization of the Middle Ages I,II (3 credits each course)

21:510:405,407  Topics in Ancient History I,II (3 credits each course)

21:510:406  Topics in Medieval Civilization (3 credits)

21:510:409  Alexander the Great (3 credits)

21:510:410  Greek History through Dramatic Writings (3 credits)

21:730:206  Greek Philosophy (3 credits)

  • 6 credits in Arabic (074), Chinese (165), Ancient Greek (490), or Latin (580) language, OR 6 credits from a study abroad program approved by the AMC Director
  • 5 credits in a mixture of the above two categories according to the student's interests.

*Depending on the language option selected (i.e., if the course is 3 or 4 credits), students may satisfy the minor requirements with 17 credits.