Committee on General Education


Approved Gen Ed Courses

Arts & Media
21:080:121 Introduction to Drawing ACM
21:082:101 Introduction to Art History I ACM
21:082:102 Introduction to Art History II ACM
21:082:201 Art Beyond the West ACM
21:082:207 Art and Women ACM
21:082:270 American Art ACM
21:082:310 Ancient Art ACM
21:082:330 Renaissance Art ACM
21:082:380 Art, Design and Style: 19th & 20th Century Decorative Arts ACM
21:082:382 History of Photography ACM
21:085:102 Design Fundamentals ACM
21:087:101 Intro to Music ACM
21:087:111 Fundemantals of Music ACM
21:087:265 Jazz ACM
21:088:101 Living Theater ACM
21:088:102 Acting Fundamentals ACM
21:088:208 Movement for the Theatre ACM
History & Literature
Pending The Art of Satire English
Pending Literature and Controversy
Pending Comics and Graphic Novels
21:510:201 Western Civilization I History
21:510:202 Western Civilization II History
21:510:207 History of Colonial Latin America History
21:510:208 History of Modern Latin America History
21:510:209 Introduction to Caribbean History History
21:510:240 Women in European History History
21:510:255 Ancient Greek Civilization History
21:510:256 Roman Civilization History
21:510:280 South Asian History I History
21:510:281 South Asian History II History
21:512:201 US History I History
21:512:202 US History II History
21:512:230 History of American Immigration History
21:940:207 Introduction to Spanish Literature SPS
21:940:208 Introduction to Latin American Literature in Spanish SPS
21:940:311 Spanish Peninsular Literature in English Translation SPS
21:940:312 Spanish Peninsular Literature in English Translation: 18th to 20th Century SPS
21:940:344 Introduction to Latin American Literature in English Translation SPS
Other Liberal Arts
21:050:200 Introduction to American Studies: American Lives American Studies
21:730:103 Introduction to Philosophy Philosophy
21:730:107 Critical Thinking Philosophy
21:730:201 Intro to Logic Philosophy
21:730:205 Current and Moral Social Issues Philosophy
21:730:212 Intro to Ethics Philosophy
21:988:201 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies Women's and Gender Studies
Social Sciences
21:070:320 Human Rights in a Global World Anthropology
21:070:350 Environmental Anthropology Anthropology
21:070:352 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America Anthropology
21:220:101 Intro to Economics (Micro) Economics
21:220:102 Intro to Economics (Macro) Economics
21:790:201 American National Government Political Science
21:790:202 America and the World Political Science
21:790:203 Comparative Politics Political Science
21:830:101 Principles of Psychology Psychology
21:830:102 Principles of Psychology II Psychology
21:920:316 Race and Ethnicity in Multicultural Studies Sociology
21:920:321 Urban Sociology Sociology
Natural Sciences
21:460:103 Planet Earth EES
21:460:104 Planet Earth (Lab) EES
21:460:206 Environmental Geology EES
21:460:207 Environmental Geology Lab EES
21:120:101 General Biology** Biology
21:120:102 General Biology: Lab** Biology
21:120:109 Basic Plant Science** Biology
21:120:110 Basic Plant Science Lab** Biology
21:120:201 Foundations of Bio: Cellular and Molecular Biology* Biology
21:120:202 Foundations of Bio: Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab* Biology
21:120:205 Foundations of Bio: Ecology and Evolution* Biology
21:120:206 Foundations of Bio: Ecology and Evolution Lab* Biology
21:160:101 World of Chemistry Chemistry
21:160:102 World of Chemistry Chemistry
21:160:109 World of Chem Lab I Chemistry
21:160:110 World of Chem Lab II Chemistry
21:160:113 General Chem Lab I* Chemistry
21:160:114 General Chem Lab II* Chemistry
21:160:115 General Chem I* Chemistry
21:160:116 General Chem II* Chemistry
*Only applies for Chemistry/Biology Majors
**Does not Apply to Biology/Chemistry Majors