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BNS program faculty

The BNS Ph.D. program is hosted by the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience (CMBN), and our training faculty include CMBN faculty members, as well as members of the Rutgers-Newark departments of Psychology, Biological Sciences, and Mathematics and Computer Science.

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  • Name + Research Interests 

    Travis Baker:
    Cognitive neuroimaging and stimulation

    Website Email 973-353-5485
    April A. Benasich, Elizabeth H. Solomon Endowed Professor : 
    Developmental cognitive neuroscience: early brain development
    Website Email 973-353-3598
    Michael W. Cole: 
    Cognitive, computational, and network neuroscience of learning
    and cognitive control
    Website Email


    Mark Gluck: 
    Alzheimer’s, minority brain health disparities, PTSD, sleep & memory
    Website Email 973-353-3671
    Drew Headley:
    Electrophysiology, microcircuitry, oscillations, coding, behavior
    Website Email 973-353-5834
    Elizabeth Holly:
    Systems neuroscience of stress and motivated behavior
    Website Email  
    Tibor Koos: 
    Basal ganglia and vision
    Website Email  973-353-3638
    Bart Krekelberg CMBN Co-Director: 
    Transcranial stimulation, eye movements, visual perception,
    computational and RNN models, electrophysiology, fMRI, EEG
    Website Email 973-353-3602
    Juan Mena Segovia: 
    Neural circuits of action selection and motor execution: connectivity,
    electrophysiology and behavior
    Website Email  973-353-3518
    Vincent McGinty:
    Neuroeconomics, behavior, electrophysiology, computational models 
    Website Email 973-353-3608
    Denis Pare CMBN Director: 
    Systems neuroscience, amygdala, memory, emotions
    Website Email 973-353-3251
    Pierre-Olivier Polack
    Circuit mechanisms of visual processing and visual perception;
    pathophysiology of epilepsies
    Website Email 973-353-3643
    James Tepper: 
    Basal ganglia anatomy, physiology, and microcircuitry; role of
    striatal interneurons in behavior
    Website Email 973-353-3618
    Laszlo Zaborszky: 
    High-density recordings in transgenic rats, functional organization
    of the forebrain cholinergic system
    Website Email 973-353-3659
  • Name + Research Interests
    Alon Amir
    Flexible, context-dependent decision making
    Julien Corbo
    Sensory processing, neuronal coding, neocortex, neural basis of
    Bernadette Fausto
    Non-pharmacological interventions for dementia prevention;
    mediators of intervention effects; early identification of Alzheimer’s
    Nadine Gut:
    Neuronal circuits of motor control in health and neurological disease,
    movement disorders
    Catherine Hanson: 
    Cognitive neuroscience, memory & Learning, brain connectivity, ASD
    Mohammed Herzallah: 
    Regulation of the amygdala by the midline thalamus
    Ravi Mill:
    Human neuroimaging, functional connectivity, network modeling,
    task learning, cognitive control
    Michael Shiflett
    Animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Name + Research Interests 

    Mauricio Delgado

    Psychology Website Email 973-353-5440 X241
    Eric Fortune Biological Sciences Website Email 973-596-5689

    Wilma Friedman

    Biological Sciences Website Email 973-353-1160
    Jorge Golowasch Biological Sciences Website Email 973-596-8444
    William Graves Psychology Website Email 973-353-5440x3947
    Stephen José Hanson, RUBIC Director: 
    Computational neuroscience, brain connectivity, learning & memory
    Psychology Website and
    Email 973-353-3317
    Gal Haspel Earth & Environmental Sciences Website Email 973-353-2586
    Haesun Kim Biological Sciences Website Email
    Barry Komisaruk, MBRS-PI
    Behavioral neuroscience of sexual response in humans and rats
    Psychology Website Email 973-353-5834
    Farzan Nadim Biological Sciences Website Email
    Miriam Rosenberg-Lee: 
    Functional neuroimaging of mathematical cognition
    Biological Sciences Website Email 973-353-3948
    Horacio Rotstein: 
    Computational neuroscience & synamics of neuronal networks
    Biological Sciences
    Website Email 973-596-5306
    Patrick Shafto Mathematics and Computer Science Website Email  
    Tracy Tran: 
    Cell and molecular processes regulating neuronal wiring and behavior; neuronal morphogenesis and development
    Biological Sciences
    Website Email 973-353-5542
    Elizabeth Tricomi: 
    Neuroimaging of learning and motivation
    Psychology Website Email 973-353-5440x3956