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BNS courses

The core curriculum includes three courses on neuroscience fundamentals, as well as courses in scientific computing and critical thinking skills. Many elective courses are available, and are usually taken in the second or third year of the program; note that not every course is offered every year, so please consult with the instructor and/or the program director to plan which courses you can take.

Course Listings
Foundations in Neuroscience I (26:112:565) (Includes Bootcamp) BNS Faculty 4
Foundations in Neuroscience II (26:112:566) BNS Faculty 4
Foundations in Neuroscience III (26:112:567) BNS Faculty 4
Scientific Computing in Matlab (26:112:611) Bart Krekelberg 3
Critical Thinking (26:112:651) Denis Pare 2
Windows On The Brain (26:112:607) Travis Baker 3
Cerebral Cortex (26:112:632) Pierre-Olivier Polack 3
Network & Complexity Neuroscience (26:112:623) Michael Cole 3
Neuroscience Methods (26:112:705) Juan Mena Segovia 2
Neurophysiology & Behavior (26:112:532) Vince McGinty 3
Introduction to Data Science (26:645:657) Pat Shafto 3
Multivariate Methods (26:830:595) E. Halpern 3
Research in Neuroscience I (26:112:51) & II (26:112:512) BNS Faculty 3
Independent Research (26:112:706) (26:112:707) BNS Faculty 1-9
Individual Study in Neuroscience (26:112:708) (26:112:709) BNS Faculty 1-3
Advanced Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience (26:830:512) – Neuroimaging Methods and Theory: from image to inference Steve Hanson 3
Cognitive Processes (26:830:667) Elizabeth Tricomi 3
Human Neuroanatomy (26:112:629) Laszlo Zaborszky 3
Neural Bases Of Cognitive Development (26:112:630) A. Benasich 3
Basal Forebrain: Anatomy to Function (26:112:625:01) Laszlo Zaborszky 3
Learning And Memory (26:112:633) Mark Gluck 3
Special Topics course on “Oscillations in the CNS” (NJIT: BIOL 641) Jorge Golowasch 3
Computational Neuroscience (48:120:698)) Horacio Rotstein 3
Colloquium in Neuroscience    
Matriculation Continued (26:112:800) BNS Faculty E1