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The Biological Sciences have undergone tremendous expansion in recent decades with the development of exciting new discoveries and technologies. These developments have advanced fundamental knowledge in cell and molecular biology, as well as advancing knowledge in biomedical science, leading to new approaches to treating disease.




Dr. Sahoo's G3BP1-derived peptide rescues multiple in vitro modelled neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimers, Parkinson, and ALS.

Drosophila tweety facilitates autophagy to regulate mitochondrial homeostasis and bioenergetics in Glia. 

Authors: Andy Leung (Postdoc), Christina Mansour (Undergraduate), Anwar Nakhla (Undergraduate)

"Oligodendrocyte progenitor development from the postnatal rat subventricular zone is regulated by the p75 neurotrophin receptor"

This paper from the thesis work of Subhashini Joshi, who graduated in 2022, demonstrates that the absence of the p75 neurotrophin receptor from developing oligodendrocyte progenitors leads to their premature exit from the cell cycle and accelerated differentiation, causing abnormalities in early myelination.

"Cortical brain injury causes retrograde degeneration of afferent basal forebrain cholinergic neurons via p75NTR"

This paper from the thesis work of Srestha Dasgupta, who graduated in 2023,  demonstrates that traumatic brain injury not only causes the loss of neurons at the injury site, but also elicits the retrograde degeneration of specific neurons that project their axons to the injury site from a distal location.

This study provides novel insights into the balancing act between Rho and Rac GTPases downstream of specific signaling amino acid motifs in the cytoplasmic domain of the Plexin-A4 receptor to mediate Sema3A-dependent dendritic elaboration in mammalian cortical neuron development.

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Tuesday 1:00 pm @LSC-130

Seminars given by faculty and graduate trainees

1/30/2024  Prof. Allison Edgar (NJIT)

2/13/2024  Prof. Jian Cao (CINJ)

2/20/2024  Prof. Monica Driscoll (RU-NB)

2/27/2024  Jack Delucia & Joan Baek (Tran Lab)

3/19/2024  Angelid Pabon (Wong Lab) & Adefemi Baderinwa (Tran Lab)

3/26/2024  Prof. Yoon Seung Kim (RU-NB)

4/2/2024  Dr. Vik Meadows (Gao Lab)

4/9/2024  Prof. Sabine Hilfiker (NJMS)

4/16/2024  Prof. Subhajyoti De (CINJ)

4/23/2024  Maciej Jeziorek & Ed Gonzalez (Etchegaray Lab)



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