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Biological Sciences

One department, many paths to a career

The Biological Sciences have undergone tremendous expansion in recent decades with the development of exciting new discoveries and technologies.  These developments have advanced fundamental knowledge in cell and molecular biology, as well as advancing knowledge in biomedical science, leading to new approaches to treating disease.

Undergraduate students in the program choose courses from among a wide range of research fields to both develop a solid foundation in biology and to build meaningful depth of study in areas of personal interest. In addition to formal lecture and lab courses, students have many opportunities for independent study through seminar courses and research with our outstanding faculty.

Graduate students can choose an MS or PhD program. Both programs stress the importance of the research experience and its value to critical thinking. Students choose from research tracks,that have specific course and research requirements that aim to build depth of study in specific focal areas: Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Neurobiology.

Original Caption: (l. to r.)Edward Bonder, Professor of Cell Biology, Department of Biological Sciences Newark, works with Huri Mucahit (SASN '22) in the Optical Microscopy & Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) labs