B.A. in Political Science

Major in Political Science (36 credits)

Students attain the undergraduate Major by completing 15 credits of required core courses, 12 credits of a distribution requirement  (3 credits apiece in each of the four subfields (American Politics and Public Policy, Political Theory and Methodology, Comparative Politics, Global Politics), and 9 credits in any one, two, or three subfields.


Required core courses for the Major 

21:790:201. American National Government 

21:790:202. America and the World 

21:790:203. Introduction to Comparative Politics 

21:790:371. Early Political Theory or 21:790:372. Modern Political Theory

21:790:491. Research Methods


General Guidelines for the Major 

Grades: Only courses with grades of C or better may be counted toward the Major.

Transfer credits: Up to 15 credits of political science courses taken at other colleges or universities may be applied toward the Major with the approval of the Department Chair. These credits may not include courses already transferred in and evaluated by NJ Transfer and the Office of Academic Services.