B.A. in English

English Department | Rutgers University Newark

The English major invites students to choose courses from a wide array of English, American, and Anglophone literature. Courses appear under 350 (English) and 352 (American). The major consists of 12 courses of 36 credits. In compiling these credits, students may include two 200-level courses, and they may include two creative writing courses.

There are two required courses:

21:350:308  Foundations of Literary Study (3)

21:350:321  Survey of English Literature (3)

In choosing their other courses, students need to meet the following breadth requirements:

              A pre-1800 course

              A pre-1900 course

              A post-1900 course

              An author(s) course

              A 400-level seminar

The 400-level seminar, intended as a capstone experience, may simultaneously satisfy one of the other requirements.

After declaring the major, students should meet with an adviser each semester to discuss their course selections.