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Arts, Culture & Media

Explore the programs within Arts, Culture, and Media.

Whether you are interested in visual arts, video production, music, graphic design, we have a class for you! ACM is a unique department that not only allows for specialization but also offers a unique opportunity in the ever more interdisciplinary world and workplace that we live in.

Art History

With a major and minor available, course topics in the art history specialization range from the study of ancient to contemporary art and include classes on non-Western art and critical studies. 

Fine Art

A blend of studio-based, social practice, theory and research, our Fine Art B.A. program builds on Newark’s historical roots in art, activism and community building and offers a major and minor. 

Graphic Design

The specialization in graphic design major offers students an educational experience that focuses on preparation for professional practices in visual communication that include design for corporate identity, publication, and package and web design.


A major or minor in the Journalism program affords students the luxury of small classes taught by award-winning journalists in a newsroom setting.


The music program offers a major or minor with exciting possibilities for students to learn the foundations of musical performance as well as histories of global music cultures and traditions, philosophies of music, experimental and contemporary art and media practices, and the role of music and art in democracy, community engagement, and social justice. 

Video Production

Majoring or minoring in Video Production prepares students to be original independent media makers and provides them with diverse production and analytical skills that can be applied to varied careers in an ever-changing media landscape.