B.A. in Africana Studies

Africana Studies | Rutgers University – Newark

The Africana Studies undergraduate program is geared towards both the scholarly and the working world. We aim to produce graduates who are ready for advanced graduate study in the humanities or social sciences; we also aim to produce professionals who can work in a variety of fields that require an understanding of the history and cultures of African and African-descended peoples. Our major can be used in a broad array of fields, such as education; marketing; journalism; law; and the arts.

Thirty-six credits (36) are required for a major in Africana Studies.

The following courses (21 credits) are required:

  • 21:014:111 - Introduction to Africana Studies I
  • 21:014:112 - Introduction to Africana Studies II
  • 21:014:305 - Black Women in the United States
  • 21:014:306 - Comparative Race Relations
  • 21:014:*** - Literature of Africa and/or Caribbean. The following courses are examples of what will fulfill this requirement: 014:304,358,370; 350:256,356; 352:395,396 
  • 21:014:396 - The African-American Community
  • 21:014:412 - Senior Seminar (or equivalent)

Fifteen (15) additional credits in electives are required for completion of the major.