ACM | Journalism

The Journalism program affords students the luxury of small classes taught by award-winning journalists in a newsroom setting.

In the journalism program, students learn to write and report by covering the people, issues, and politics of the metropolitan region around them. Journalism is taught as part of a liberal arts education that blends theory and practice. Courses explore writing, reporting, ethics, the history of journalism, contemporary media issues, and multimedia. An internship is required for the major.

Students learn the basics of reporting and newswriting, as well as critical analysis of current topics and the way they are presented in the news. They also learn about landmark cases that have shaped journalism, and how to find their niche in the ever-changing landscape of media. Students also have access to a state-of-the-art Mac lab and podcast studio and the most advanced research software.

For more information and to declare your major or minor in Journalism, please contact Professor Gaiutra Bahadur, area coordinator at

Accordion Content

  • Foundation Courses (24 credits)

    21:086:201 Introduction to Media Studies I (3)

    21:086:202 Introduction to Media Studies II (3)

    21:086:304 Convergence (3)

    21:086:337 Basic Reporting and Newswriting (3)

    21:086:334 or 344 Journalism, Ethics, and the Law (3)

    21:086:338 Advanced Reporting (3)

    21:086:340 Introduction to Multimedia (3)

    21:086:400 Journalism Capstone (3)

    The courses in bold should be taken before all others. They are prerequisites for most other journalism courses.

    Cross-Training Requirement (3 credits)

    Choose one:


    080:261 Introduction to Photography (3)

    086:385 Photojournalism (3)

    089:104 Introduction to Video Production (4)

    089:319 Narrative Production (4)

    089:333 Documentary Production (4)

    Practical Requirement- choose one (3 credits)

    21:086:459/460 Journalism Internship (3)

    21:086:493 Newsroom Workshop (3)

    Interdisciplinary Requirement – choose one (3 credits)

    21:086:309 Imagery and Culture (3)

    21:086:388 Global Journalism (3)

    21:086:401 Special Topics in Journalism (3)

    Arts, Culture, and Media Requirements (6 credits)

    21:083:101 Introduction to Arts, Culture, and Media (3)

    21:083:301 Colloquium in Arts, Culture, and Media or 401 Seminar in Arts, Culture, and Media (3)

  • 086:201 Intro to Media Studies I 

    086:202 Intro to Media Studies II 

    086:334/344 Journalism, Ethics & the Law

    086:337 Basic Reporting & Newswriting 

    086:338 Advanced Reporting

    086:340 Intro to Multimedia 

  • Students will develop the analytical skills and values core to become a journalist. They will learn how to practice the journalism: how to tell true stories in multiple media, using the written word as well as audio and visual elements. They will also explore the theoretical foundations of the profession: its history, its literary aspects, its ethical and legal standards, and current debates about technology, society and the media.