Minor In Translation & Interpreting Studies 



The Minor is designed to provide students with a foundation of fundamental theories and practices of translation and interpreting studies that will focus on facilitating the comprehension of multidisciplinary translation and the variety of theoretical approaches, the study and evaluation of primary methods of research to enhance future research and practices, the acquisition of necessary metalanguage, which allows the textual analysis of the translation process, the solution driven mind of a translator, the approach to tackle recurring translation problems, and the evaluation of translated texts. Students will have the opportunity to specialize in Legal Translation & Interpreting, Literary Translation, Medical Translation & Interpreting, 

Students will complete 18 credits chosen from Core and Elective courses, and must  earn a C or higher in all classes counted towards the minor. The distribution of the requirements will be as follows:

At least 3 courses in Core courses
The remainder of the courses will be chosen from core and
elective courses so that each minor will have taken courses
​ in at least three different departments.

Language proficiency: each minor will demonstrate proficiency in target language
either by completing a course in either language at the 200 level or by the OPI exam.

Students considering the Translation & Interpreting Studies Minor are encouraged to contact the Lives In Translation Program Director, Stephanie Rodriguez or Faculty Supervisor, Jennifer Austin to discuss their interests and career options.