The Honors Senior Thesis course (21:525:497 and 21:525:498) is one of the most rewarding academic experiences in a student’s career. The final manuscript of a thesis or capstone-quality project (an alternative academic enterprise of equivalent intensity and scope) will be a comprehensive research effort of original scholarship representing a reflective and cumulative application of a student’s accumulated knowledge at Rutgers-Newark.  

The courses are intended to foster lasting mentorships between committee members and their advisee as they collaborate to create a final product. Students will appreciate and understand the challenges, complexities, and rewards of creating original scholarship and creative work. The thesis or capstone-quality project is designed and intended to help students improve their critical thinking, problem-solving, oral and written communications, time and project management, research and methodology and academic writing skill sets.

The final presentations and posters showcase the high-level undergraduate research that has been sponsored and facilitated by the Honors College since its inception decades ago. Students have published papers as undergraduates, become involved in long-term projects that carry over into graduate or professional school, and developed support systems with Faculty Director and Second Reader committee members.