Through our curriculum and programming, we want to prepare our students to be effective, ethical researchers and scholars who can collaborate on teams, communicate and engage in work for and with the public, and contribute to the scholarship of their chosen disciplines and professions. We encourage our students to challenge themselves and one another, and our commitment is to support them through these efforts.

"A lot of my friends are from Honors College and I’m happy for it because…. I wouldn’t have made as many friends if not for them always being in my class with me"
Roxanne Casio
Mathematics Major, Graduating Honors Class of 2018

Our innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum (19 credits total) is taught by outstanding research faculty from throughout the university and features:

  • An interdisciplinary liberal arts research methodology colloquium series
  • Honors Seminars in humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences where students take deep dives into the urgent questions facing different academic disciplines
  • Honors College Senior Thesis, a faculty-mentored year-long undergraduate research project where our students bring their skills and accumulated coursework to bear to generate original knowledge that they present in public venues

Various academic departments in the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark offer courses exclusively for honors students to fulfill a core curriculum course requirement at Rutgers-Newark. These small class sizes offer honors students the opportunity to complete a required course, engage in deeper conversation with their fellow peers, and receive individualized attention from their professor.

Honors students will start their journey as a cohort through the honors curriculum:

  • First Year: Honors Colloquia (6 credits total)
  • Second-Third Year: Honors Seminar (6 credits total)
  • Third Year: Prospectus Course (1 credit)
  • Fourth Year: Honors Senior Thesis (6 credits total)
  • Honors Designated Courses will be discussed during advising with individual students

Our co-curricular activities are designed to help Honors College students engage with each other, with the University community, the city of Newark, and within communities where they live. Students are required to complete a set number of community service hours annually to encourage students to give back to the community that supports their educational pursuits. They are required to attend sponsored events throughout the academic year to expose them to a variety of cultural, social, and academic experiences available to them through the university. We also require students to complete a yearly e-portfolio to reflect upon the trajectory of their education and make purposeful choices regarding their future.

At the end of each year all students are required to update their online portfolio. This electronic portfolio will document a student's academic and professional goals, learning philosophy, collect samples of coursework in their major, minor and honors, highlight their career profile, and provide yearly reflections on their college experience at Rutgers-Newark.