Honors College Basics Sheet

The Honors College at Rutgers University-Newark is a destination program for students eager to challenge themselves! 

Founded in 1972, our Honors College was created in response to the 72-hour-long occupation of Conklin Hall by the Black Organization of Students in February 1969. Our vision at its creation, and still today, is to provide enhanced, rigorous, and distinctive academic opportunities to a diverse population of students and to foster a small college-like community among academically focused students.

Our curriculum is designed to offer you an expansive interdisciplinary liberal arts education; an education that is grounded in critical thinking and analysis across a wide range of subjects. In addition to our courses, we also want to provide you with a community of peers, advisors, and mentors to share in and guide you throughout your undergraduate career and beyond.











When applying to the Honors College, remember to: 

  • Provide an email address that you check regularly
  • Read questions carefully to ensure your responses answer the question
  • Review your answers for grammar errors. All components of the application are viewed as a writing sample
  • Make sure your artifact and explanation follow the instructions provided, especially pertaining to file sizes
  • Submit your application before the deadline
  • Be yourself!




More information: 

The Honors College Student Council is a student run organization that collaborates with the Honors College and the Office of Student Life and Leadership to serve ALL Rutgers Newark students by providing opportunities for leadership and service. We organize numerous events each semester to help students fulfill their Honors College co-curricular requirements while aspiring to foster a sense of camaraderie among the Honors College and the greater Rutgers Newark community.

Honors College Application Process Key Steps and Dates

2022-2023 Academic Year


Application Step

Details and Dates

Apply to Rutgers University-Newark

Students must apply to Rutgers University-Newark, prior to applying to the Honors College. The Honors College Supplemental Application invitation link will be emailed to qualifying students.


*Students cannot join HC until after they are accepted to RU-N.

Honors College Supplemental Application

Students create an application profile for themselves. Successful completion of the Supplemental Application includes 2 short answers, artifact, and artifact explanation document uploads.


Application Deadlines

  • January 2: Current RU-N students applying for the Spring 2023 term
  • January 15: Incoming First-Year students
  • March 15: Incoming Transfer students
  • June 2: Current RU-N students applying for the Fall 2023 term.

Decision Notification

  • Decisions will be sent to students via the email used to submit their application by April 1.
What is the Honors College?  

The Honors College is a 19-credit interdisciplinary second concentration that is housed under the School of Arts and Sciences that satisfies the universities minor requirement for graduation.   

What is the difference between the Honors College and HLLC? Can you do both?  

The Honors College strives for inclusive excellence in higher education through an interdisciplinary academic focus fostering students to create change in society through socially engaged research. HLLC strives to create social change agents in students’ communities through a social justice curriculum and community involvement.  Yes, students can be in both programs. We have jointly developed a track for students enrolled in both programs. 

What are the requirements to apply to the Honors College?  

Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and a minimum of 2.5 years remaining at RU-N to complete our curriculum to qualify to receive the supplemental application. Students must be accepted to Rutgers University-Newark to be accepted to the Honors College.  

What is the HC admissions process like?  

The Honors College Supplemental Application is available by invitation only. Once a student receives the invitation, they must complete the application and submit all components by the designated deadline. Decisions are emailed directly to the applicants after review process is completed. 

What are the financial ramifications of joining the Honors College? Are there scholarships associated with it?  

Your merit and financial aid awards will be determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid. There is not a specific scholarship associated with acceptance to the Honors College.

What are the requirements to graduate with honors distinction?  

HC has a 19-credit curriculum consisting of colloquia, seminars, and a senior thesis sequence, in concert with yearly co-curricular requirements of community service, event attendance, and academic reflection.   

How long does it take to complete the Honors College program?   

The HC curriculum takes a minimum of 2.5 years to complete but is ideally completed in 4 years. 

What support does the Honors College provide students?  

Honors College students are supported by their Honors College advisor, alumni mentors, thesis advisor, and advisors in their respective disciplines.  

What is an honors thesis, how is it beneficial, and what is the protocol to complete it?  

The Honors thesis is a year-long, student-designed, faculty-mentored research project on a topic of the student’s choosing that can be used as a writing sample for graduate and professional school or an artifact to show future employers.   

How hard are Honors College classes?  

Honors courses are intended to challenge students to think critically while being innovative and experiential.  


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Contact us! 



For specific questions related to curriculum, completion, and distinction, contact Ms. Ivette Rosario, irosario@rutgers.edu