Our Mission & Our Approach to Honors

Our Mission

The mission of the Honors College at Rutgers University-Newark is to lead the way in inclusive excellence in higher education by delivering an interdisciplinary liberal education along with opportunities for undergraduate research. Students work individually and collaboratively to put their emerging knowledge into practice in real world contexts.


Our Approach


Our curriculum offers rotating seminar and honors specific course that comprise an expansive liberal arts, interdisciplinary education that emphasizes deep engagement in research in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Upon completion of our courses, our seniors are prepared to complete a thesis capstone where they are asked to produce original knowledge.

In addition to our curriculum, we are committed to making sure our students access the full range of opportunities offered at a university of Rutgers’s scale: our accelerated 5-year BA/MA programs, a 3/3 BA/JD program with Rutgers Law School, early admission to medical schools, innovative minors and special degree programs, seminars with prize-winning researchers and scholars, and attentive career guidance and fellowship advising. We are uncompromising in our pursuit of inclusive excellence for our students.

Our students are advised by our Honors College team, faculty associates, pre-professional advisors, and peer advisors. We use surveys and EAB risk models to intercept transfer and completion risks. We are the primary point of contact for our students, and we shoulder that responsibility to them and the University with great care. We urge our recent alumni to stay engaged with the Honors College and with Rutgers, as mentors and young professionals.  The Honors College is always looking for ways to re-connect with all of our graduates for whom the Honors College (and prior Honors Program) was a formative educational and social experience.

We strive to build relationships with integrity and trust with our students, faculty and other units at the University, working together to support Rutgers–Newark a great urban, public university.

Curiosity. Integrity. Mobility. Excellence.