Office of Distinguished Fellowships - Newark

As part of its mission to enhance the intellectual life of Rutgers University-Newark and provide opportunities for students to engage the world, the Honors College in 2018 launched the Office of Distinguished Fellowships.

Our office provides interested students with information about appropriate awards, counseling throughout the application process, and support for completing a competitive application. Qualified candidates will be students who have strong academic records, extracurricular involvement, and leadership experiences.

We work with faculty and administrators to communicate opportunities to students, identify candidates, and mentor them in applying to programs that fund graduate training, public service internships, laboratory and field research, and study abroad and professional opportunities.

Students are encouraged to browse the options available to them in the pages on this site. Once they've identified a program or opportunity you would like to explore further, please fill out the advising form linked below and make an appointment to speak in person with someone who can guide you through the next steps!