Honors College students are required to complete an Honors Thesis to graduate with Honors Distinction. The thesis consists of 7 credits of undergraduate research over 2-3 consecutive semesters through three courses: Junior Scholars Inquiry (1 cr.), Honors Senior Project I (3 cr.), and Honors Senior Project II (3 cr.), producing an original piece of scholarship.

Often one of the most rewarding academic experiences in a student’s career, the Honors Senior Project, or Honors Thesis, is a student-designed, faculty-mentored undergraduate research project. It is a culmination of a student's honors experience and undergraduate education at Rutgers University-Newark. The thesis offers the opportunity to contribute to and advance the knowledge within or outside a student’s major(s), with greater insight and intensity than a single course.

Through the Honors Thesis, students will understand the challenges, complexities, and rewards of creating an original piece of scholarship, as well as acquire critical thinking, problem-solving, oral and written communication, time and project management, research and methodology, and academic writing skills for your future careers.

Many Honors College students have published their theses, participated in long-term research projects that carry into graduate or professional school, provided their thesis as a writing/research sample for graduate or professional school applications, had an in-depth thesis to discuss with a potential employer, and developed support systems post-graduation with their faculty mentors.