Honors Advisement Mission

The mission of the Honors College at Rutgers-Newark is to empower students to act with curiosity, integrity, and intellectual excellence by promoting unique learning experiences, active goal setting, engagement and reflection, and involvement in the University and global community.

Our Philosophy

Individualized advisement, faculty mentorship, and scholar development are the most important benefits of becoming a member of the Honors College at Rutgers-Newark. Our advisors seek to support students in their development and exploration of their educational and career goals by fostering a collaborative, mentoring process to promote responsibility in their decision-making process.

Students are required to meet with their honors advisor yearly to develop their comprehensive advisement plan and identify academic and enrichment opportunities each semester. As part of the Honors Experience, incoming students are must to attend a scheduled appointment and one advisement session (fall or spring). Thereafter, students can elect to engage with an honors advisor through advisement sessions or a scheduled appointment in RUN4SUCCESS. 

Advisement Outcomes

The Honors College at Rutgers-Newark seeks to encourage the education of its graduates as a lifelong scholar by facilitating the development of the following characteristics within its student body:

  • Curious: interested in learning and learning more, aware that most important issues are complex and interrelated, requiring rigor to unpack.
  • Creative: able to tolerate ambiguity to complex problems, embrace uncertainty and work to collaboratively find new and interesting solutions; willing to suspend judgment while investigating a topic from multiple perspectives.
  • Ethical: seek to understand the ethical consequences of my decisions, actions, beliefs; able to articulate grounded personal standards against which to evaluate new ideas or experiences and make informed and principled decisions.
  • Ready: able to contextualize issues relevant to today, to see links between one discipline and another, and be prepared to carry that knowledge into my career.


Advisement and Coaching Opportunities

Advisement Session

Our one-week session offers drop-in style advisement during the fall and spring term for quick meetings and general questions. Students are assisted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The advisement session is intended for brief matters that can be handled in 5-10 minutes per student.

Scheduled Advisement and Coaching Appointments     

Appointments are designed for broader, in-depth conversations related to academic and professional goal setting and achievement. Advising through the Honors College does not replace advising through academic departments. Students are encourage to visit major or their general advisors for academic-specific questions. Student schedule an appointment through RUN4SUCCESS.

Responsibilities and Expectations

Student can expect the advisor/coach to:

  • Foster an inclusive environment where students feel safe, respected, supported and valued.
  • Facilitate conversations unique to each individual.
  • Initiate questions to encourage meaningful dialog.
  • Provide educational opportunities and resources to expand and maximize a student’s potential.
  • Review strategies with meeting a student’s academic and professional goals.
  • Assist students with their post-graduation goals.


Students are expected to:

  • Become equal partners in the advising/coaching process.
  • Come prepared to each meeting to be active learners and listeners; participate fully in the advisement process.
  • Be aware of critical dates and deadlines offered through the Honors College and on the RU-N campus.
  • Review important communication (Blackboard and RUN4SUCCESS) in a timely manner from the Honors College.
  • Be able to articulate one’s progress towards their academic and professional goals, as well as completion of honors.
  • Accept final responsibility for all choices and decisions.
  • Be open to learning opportunities through active engagement and reflection.


Student Experience Assessment

We value our student’s experience and opinions. The Honors College will ask students to complete a survey after each appointment. We encourage students to engage in the assessment process when solicited. The information will remain anonymous and will be used towards making necessary improvements each year.