“My time in the council has taught me how to be a better leader. I learned that leadership is not perfect. It is about learning from your mistakes, striving to be better every day, and always communicating. I am so grateful for all the lessons that the HCSC has taught me these past three years and everyone that I have gotten to meet and work with, allowing me to create long-lasting friendships and wonderful memories! I cannot wait to see what the council accomplishes in the future. It has truly been an amazing leadership experience!” –Diana Rodas

“Being a part of the Honors College Student Council has been an enlightening experience. I am grateful to have met everyone and to have had the chance to work as a team to create events, community service opportunities, and to build and take part in a community in the Honors College. I look forward to seeing the council continue to do amazing work throughout the years to come!” -Neha Vaidya

HC Student council
HC Student Council 2019-2020

“Being part of the Honors College Student Council was an amazing experiencefor me. Through it, I was able to not only hone my leadership skills but also forge new friendships that will lasta lifetime! It made my experience at Rutgers even better and allowed me to attend and be part of creating a more diverse experience on campus. The Honors College Student Council was truly an amazing experience and if I could, I’d do it all over again!”–Najira Ahmed

“Since freshman year I’ve been part of the council. I initially thought that the council would be a great way to gain leadership skills, and although it was it became so much more. HCSC soon became my passion and more importantly, a family, one where we learn, share and, most importantly, laugh together! I have been able to meet some of the most talented and kind people throughout my years as part of HCSC and although leaving it is a bittersweet moment, I will never forget the impact it made on me.” –Yossy Montecinos

“The honors college helped to create a community of students who were like-minded to me. They had similar studying habits, work ethic, and drive. I met some of my best friends through the council and the classes we had. The small classes, intriguing seminars, and Capstone experience helped to give that “college feel.” The classes helped me think outside my major, which was refreshing and exciting. Being a part of the Honors College Student Council helped me to bring the students of this cohort together, to enjoy some educational but also stress-relieving and fun events, which I knew we for sure needed! I don’t know what my college experience would’ve looked like without the Honors College but I can tell you I was extremely grateful to have been a part of it.” –Laila Siddiqui

“Being a part of the HCSC has been such a great experience to add to my undergraduate career. It tested my ability for commitmentand allowed me to meet so many wonderful people that I probably wouldn't have otherwise. I learned how important it is to take time to show gratitude and how important mentorship is especially in an academic setting. I really do believe that this experience has also taught me how important community is when striving to achieve your goals and no one is an island,we all need each other to succeed!” –Aurelia Hutson

“Being a part of the Honors College at Rutgers Newark is like being a part of a second family. You meet lifelong friends and professors who are more than just educators. One of my favorite things about the Honors College was how small the class size was. Having small classes meant more class discussions, and being able to know your classmates and professor more. Not only that, but I was given opportunities such as joining the HonorsCollege Student Council, which allowed me to build a strong relationship with the Honors College staff and create educational and fun events. I am truly grateful to have been a part of something so great!”–Samah Farid


Student Council and Director Troiano
HCSC and Director Troiano