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Aisha J. Assaf Neurobiology "Conflicted Between Two Identities: An Analysis of Palestinian Cultural Experiences in the United States" "Being part of the Honors College at Rutgers-Newark was like having an extended support system on campus. From educational events to mentoring sessions to community service, the Honors College has helped me navigate my journey through the last four years of college." 
Aleena Dar Neurobiology "Childhood Abuse and Neglect and Selective Attention in Women Survivors of Sexual Violence" "One fond memory I have from the Honors College is meeting all of my close friends in the Honors colloquium class offered during my freshman year. To me, being in the Honors College means striving to be challenged academically, taking the initiative to give back to the community, and networking with students from other majors to enrich your time as a student at Rutgers."
Alexis Khieu Biology    
Alina Garcia Journalism    
Anthony Michael Ghaly Psychology, Political Science "Before Horror Strikes: Economic Disparity, Anti-elite Sentiment, and the Onset of Genocide" "The Honors College provided me with the opportunity to strive for excellence during my time at Rutgers-Newark. I am so grateful to the College for the support I received while writing my honors thesis, which was subsequently published, and for the all the support and encouragement I received from Drs. Brian Murphy and Laura Troiano while I applied to top graduate programs." 
Anthony Rodrigues Computer Science "Android Planner Application"  
Ashani Apurvabhai Shah Biology "Perturbation of Epithelial Cell Porphology due to ZBP1 Knockdown" "I believe the Honors College at Rutgers-Newark is a model for the future world due to its exceptionally high level of diversity in culture and talents. The Honors College has guided me to become a better student and individual, and I appreciate all of the support."
Ashley Autumn Lear Supply Chain Management   "To me, the Honors College means an opportunity to explore the world, the past, the present, and the future through a wider lens. I was able to take classes that exposed me to histories I had never heard, areas I was living in but never truly explored, and to people I would have otherwise never met."
Assatta Geraldine Mann Political Science   "Over the last couple of years, the Honors College has not only been able to provide me with academic and professional support, but has also provided a safe and comfortable space for students like me. I have so many memories of studying for exams, engaging with peers, and attending amazing events held in the Honors College Lounge."
Bryanna Thaxton Biology    
Cassandra Luken Criminal Justice, Computer Science    
Christopher B. Rios Martinez Management Information Systems "The Effects of Social Media Addiction on Adolescent Development and Potential Remedies" The Honors-College means to me a network of hard-working intellectual students who push me to work just as hard and challenge myself to be the best I can be.
Damian Lasota Computer Science "Effects of Video Games on Society"  
Daniel Moises Reyes Criminal Justice "Evolution of the War on Drugs from 1995-2018" "As for a memory, I will always cherish the memories made with my friends simply studying in the Esterly Lounge between classes. Having the lounge as a place to come and relax during the day was perfect for me as a student." 
Daniel Pyle Chemistry   "As for what the Honors College means to me, I would say it is a place of inquiry. It showed me as soon as I started as a freshman that college was about scholarly excellence and having an influence on your chosen field of study through pertinent research projects."
Diana Rodas Neurobiology "Useful Tool for Differentiation of Age-Related Verbal Memory Loss: Rey's Auditory Verbal Learning Test and its Diagnostic Implications" To me, the Honors College means family and community. Over the past four years, I've had so many amazing experiences it is hard to choose a single memory. From meeting all of my best friends through the Honors College and spending these past four years creating memories with them, to meeting and helping new students by being part of the Honors College Student Council and to working with wonderful staff and faculty, who are always there to help you grow not just as a student but as a person. The Honors College has been a huge part of my college experience and has led to me so many opportunities, it is something that I will definitely never forget after I graduate. 
Esder Chong Philosophy "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Defines Belonging" ""The Honors College provided me a platform to explore my academic interests as I engaged with professors who challenged me to go beyond the familiar and experiment into the unknown. Every honors college course I took was a space of intellectual exchange through which I formed my personal beliefs as my intuitions were questioned and conventional notions, rethought."
Ethan Jeremy Morrison Biology The Effects of the DG70 Compound Series on Mycobacterium tuberculosis "One of my favorite experiences being in the Honors College Program was having the opportunity to meet various individuals from all over the world of differing professions and hear firsthand how they overcame their challenges en route to success."
Fathima Sofia Hussain Biology "Caffeine Induced Opening of Cx43 Hemichannels is Reduced by Boldine"  
Kaity Assaf Political Science "Does Effective Legal Representation Affect Outcomes-- and if so, Why Should We Care?" "The Honors College (HC) has challenged me to become the best version of myself. It has provided me with unique opportunities to excel at Rutgers and beyond. The flexibility of the Honors College allowed me to immerse myself in a meaningful topic for my thesis and sharpen my critical thinking skills.  "
Katlynn Elizabeth-Maria DeMatos English "Restriction of Education and Literacy on the Individual in Dystopian Novels" "The Honors College has given me the opportunity to excel in my studies and receive the most out of my time at Rutgers-Newark.  As an undergraduate, it is a blessing to have such a strong support system of people who push you outside of your comfort zone and want to see you become successful.  Because of the Honors College, I have been able to give back to my community through volunteering, write a successful thesis paper and truly enjoy my four years at Rutgers!"
Kaynat Arshad Malik Accounting "Apple Inc.: A Strategic Analysis of the Company's Past, Present, and Future" The Honors College was the first organization I was a part of when I started at Rutgers - Newark back in September 2015. It is where I made my first friends in college and where I made my first memories at Rutgers - Newark. I'm grateful for the experiences I had as a part of the Honors College and hope that it continues to enhance the college experiences of students after me like it did mine!
Krish Anand Finance "Strategies Fund Managers Can Employ to Attract and Retain Investors" "The Honors College has symbolized the benefits associated with pursuing a diverse education and the responsibility we share as students to honestly engage with our coursework. The open and interactive discussions in Honors College classes have challenged me to think critically and explore new perspectives."
Laila Siddiqui Leadership and Management, Marketing "Tournament Edition" "The sip and paint was a fun event that allowed us to paint away the stress of finals! We had fun poking fun at each other for not understanding basic instructions and jamming out to some music."
Mansi Patel Neurobiology "Function of ERK1/2 in the Schwann Cell Response to Injured Peripheral Nerves" "The Honors College gave me an opportunity to become a more well-rounded student by stepping outside of just my major. As an interdisciplinary program, it allowed me to broaden my areas of study to include the humanities and social sciences, something that I now understand is an essential part of any undergraduate degree. Overall, the Honors College curriculum opened up my eyes to the world and people around me, a lesson that I will carry with me as I continue my studies in medical school this upcoming Fall. "
Mariz Kozman Psychology  "Making Medical Schools Fair for Women:  Women’s Struggle to Equalize Conditions at the College of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, 1972-1981" "Being in the honors college has been a challenge academically but has taught  me a lot as well."
Mary Romani Azer Social Work "Sexual Harrassment by Social Media"  
Miriam Ibrahim Economics "The Effects of Neighborhood Poverty on Self-Rated Health Scores" "I think some of my favorite memories were of planning volunteer events with my fellow HCSC executive board members and helping at St. John’s Soup Kitchen."
Nadezda Andrianova Graphic Design- Visual Arts BFA Home: Embracing the Felling of Nostalgia and Rediscovering the Familiar  "The memory I want to share is actually coming to the Honors College office for advisement or just to ask for advice, and you and Ms. Zorola always willing to assist, answer my questions and help with any problems! I will miss that!" 
Najira Ahmed Neurobiology Children's Book: "My Days with Arisha and Ashraf"  
Neha Vaidya Biology Dentistry in Cinema: A Gateway to Dental Anxiety "Being a part of the Honors College at Rutgers University-Newark has been a beneficial experience for me. The courses offered helped shape me into a well rounded individual and gain new perspectives in education. I have met people I can call my best friends through this program and had the chance to be a part of a community that ultimately helped me grow and gain leadership skills. It was through my active participation with the Honors College I had my best memories on campus!"
Pavan Kalyan Bugude Finance "Overview of an Algorithmic Trading Strategy"  
Priscilla Mejia Biology "Uncovering the Factors that Influence Children’s Problem-Solving Abilities" "Honors College means being supported by peers and professors who challenge you motivate you to succeed."
Rajiv Mehta Biology "Behavioral Characterization of Biological Robots" My favorite memories of the Honors College has to be all the moments in the Honors student lounge. It was always a great place to get work done, hang with friends, and most importantly, cram last minute studying before an exam, haha!
Robert Thomas Remuszka Economics "Federal Reserve Transparency and Consumer Interest Rate Forecasts" "The honor’s college is a signal of deep curiosity. The completion of the honor’s distinction demonstrates the application of that curiosity to some of the world’s most fascinating contemporary issues."
Rokiatou Fofana Biology "Sleep Quality in Older African-Americans and its Association with Cognitive Dysfunction" "Honors College gave me the guidance to navigate college. Going to mandatory events and community service events allow me build connections with people and faculty that i will always cherish."
Sabrina Narainsammy Biology "Effect of Education on Executive Functioning in Older African Americans"  
Samah Farid Biology "Islamic Representation in Films throughout History" "One of my favorite memories of the Honors College is when we were able to convert Esterly Lounge into this amazing spooky house for an Honors College Student Council Event. This is memorable because I was able to spend quality time with my best friends while scaring people in the haunted house. Seeing everyone enjoy themselves was really nice and I am so glad I was able to be apart of this event." 
Yossy Lorena Monticenos Accounting   The Honors College means having a family away from home, one who has helped me grow both professionally and personally, and one who will always be there supporting me no matter what.