The Upsilon Sigma Chapter was established at Rutgers University-Newark to help students studying urban studies and related fields to find resources, events, and support in their path to academic excellence. With these goals in mind, in the Fall semester of 2020, the President and Vice-President of the Chapter - Thayane Brêtas and Vania Villanueva - organized two events to promote students’ engagement. The first event was a workshop “Applying for Funding: A Workshop for GUS with GradFund” on October 29, created to help PhD students from Global Urban Studies in their pursuit of different sources of funding. The second event was the webinar "Building an Online Academic Presence" on November 24, with Professors Janice Gallagher and Raúl Pacheco-Vega (FLACSO - México), who gave students an overview of the importance of an online presence to academics in today's world, but also tips on how we can start and their own forms of engagement with web platforms and social media. 

We will continue our mission in the year of 2021, thinking about how we, as academics invested in understanding the relationship between society and the urban environment, can keep contributing to theory and research, especially during such challenging times for our communities and urban economies.