Students admitted to the Global Urban Studies Ph.D. program after 2015, are required to take 18 credits of graduate level electives (preferably Ph.D level courses). Electives should be chosen based on your research interests. Students may enroll in electives offered by the three tracks of Urban Systems (GUS, Environment, Health) or electives offered by graduate programs throughout Rutgers. All electives must be approved by program Directors. To assist in your selection of courses, please visit Graduate School-Newark's catalog of classes at Links to specific curriculum guides have been provided for you below:

American Studies 050 -

Business and Science 137 -

Criminal Justice 202 -

Economics 220 -

Environmental Science 375 -

Environmental Geology 380 -

Global Affairs 478 -

History 510 -

Peace & Conflict Studies 735 -

Political Science 790 -

Public Administration 834 -