Center on Law in Metropolitan Equity (CLiME)

The Rutgers Law School Center on Law in Metropolitan Equity (CLiME) is committed to studying the role of law and policy in encouraging or inhibiting opportunity based on place.  Our non-partisan efforts are designed to promote more equitable approaches to public law and policy amid rapid demographic change, shrinking government resources and enduring racial and economic divides.   Where possible, CLiME’s efforts recognize the interdependent relationship among places in a given region and the most inclusive conceptions of sustainability.

Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies

Established in July 2000,  the Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies is a signature effort by Rutgers University to focus the intellectual talent and resources of the institution in service of Newark and its surrounding region. The Cornwall Center encourages and conducts relevant research and hosts learning opportunities aimed at improving the cultural, social, and economic development of the community, city, and region in which the Center resides.

International Institute for Peace (IIP)

The International Institute for Peace has an ambitious mission: to orient societies marked by violent conflict towards a sustainable peace rooted in human rights, the appreciation of cultural diversity, and the alleviations of poverty.  Its focus is mainly on urban areas.  The dramatic demographic changes witnessed across the world will make urban areas central to the challenges of a global interdependence: from climate change to migration, from epidemics to terrorism, from poverty to organized violence.  Through research, education and practice, IIP contributes to strategic community building in urban areas around the world, starting with Newark.  Peace starts in our minds and grows in our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods, our cities, and our world.  The International Institute for Peace operates under the auspices of UNESCO as a Category 2 Center.  As such it is committed to contributing to the achievement of UNESCO strategic program objectives.  UNESCO and IIP share the same mission: to build peace in the minds of women and men.

Center for Migration and the Global City (CMGC)

Center for Migration and the Global City fosters migration research across and between academic disciplines, and the development of educational resources, curriculum, and public programming that contributes to a better understanding of the processes and effects of contemporary migration and its historical roots. Situated on the Newark campus of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, CMGC is particularly interested in how global migration has impacted, is impacting, and will impact the Newark region and the state of New Jersey. In this capacity, CMGC is also a catalyst for generating collaborative partnerships between Rutgers faculty and New Jersey immigrant communities and the organizations that represent them.

Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights (CGHR)

The Rutgers-Newark Center for the Study of Genocide, Conflict Resolution, and Human Rights (CGHR) seeks to enhance our understanding of genocide, political violence, and protracted conflict and related mechanism for their prevention and resolution.  To this end, the Center promotes cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and scholarship, educational initiatives, workshops and seminars, outreach and commemorative programs, and international collaborations related to genocide, conflict resolution, and human rights.  The Center, based in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, has an internationally renowned group of advisors, faculty associates, senior research fellows, and affiliated scholars who work on issues related to genocide, conflict resolution, and human rights both domestically and across the globe.  As part of its mission, CGHR also reaches out to survivor and professional communities, organizations and government offices concerned with these issues in Newark, throughout New Jersey, nationwide, and around the world.

The Newest Americans Project

The Newest Americans is a three-year longitudinal study at Rutgers University–Newark that will document the lives and communities of students at the university. The project, spearheaded by Tim Raphael, director of the Center for Migration and the Global City (CMGC), will focus on immigrant experiences in New Jersey with Newark as the hub where these different stories converge. Students will research the history of Aleppian Waslah, conduct interviews with local Waslah musicians and enthusiasts, write the music’s stories, and document Waslah concerts at clubs, hookah bars, weddings, and other venues in the tristate region. Waslah is the lens through which students will gain insight into the implications of the Syrian diaspora and civil war. The Newest Americans is a collaborative effort involving CMGC.

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