The study of global affairs focuses on cross-border flows of material, social and ideational forces. It is concerned with the relationship between globalization and the changing role of governments, international and regional organizations, corporations, NGOs and civil society. Global affairs takes as a starting point the realization that the role of the state as the primary actor in international relations is contested and that the world we live in is increasingly shaped by transnational flows and relations rather than international events or connections. Here at the Division of Global Affairs, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of globalization that stresses the multifaceted understanding of what globality means.

The Master’s degree prepares students to work in the public and private international sectors, as well as in non-governmental organizations, think-tanks, foundations, and media companies focusing on global issues.

The Ph.D. is geared towards preparing future scholars eager to adopt and cultivate a planetary perspective on global issues from an interdisciplinary and multicultural standpoint. The Ph.D. in Global Affairs can also be an excellent track for policy jobs at the global level requiring advanced expertise.

The Division of Global Affairs also offers dual degrees with the Rutgers Business School, the Rutgers School of Law and the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. Students from the Division of Global Affairs can also benefit from the institutional partnerships that Rutgers University has established with universities around the world.

Rutgers Newark is an exciting setting for pursuing graduate work. The university was ranked 12th in the nation for quality among small research universities by the 2005 Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, which is a metric that was designed to create a benchmark standard for the measurement of the degree of academic and scholarly quality. The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education has also classified Rutgers University–Newark as a Research University with a High Research Activity rating (RU/HRA). DGA was ranked 5th in the nation in research by The Benchmarking Academic Excellence Survey of Top Universities in Social and Behavioral Sciences Disciplines in the International Affairs and Development category (2006/07). Our location just 15 minutes away from Manhattan and on the Amtrak corridor offers easy access to key destinations on the Eastern Seaboard such as Washington DC and Boston.

With Rutgers Newark the most diverse university campus in the nation, DGA brings the truly global aspect of diversity to the university. Our student body hails from all corners of the earth and from all sorts of backgrounds. Rutgers Newark is proud of its historical mission to be an institution that makes a quality education available to a diverse student body, in every sense of the word. DGA is proud of its global and diverse student body. One of our utmost priorities is to foster a culture of tolerance and respect for the rights of all to study and work in an environment cherishing these values.


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