To declare the Writing Minor, please visit the Office of the Writing Program, 137 Conklin Hall. Click here to access the declaration form.

-A cumulative gpa of  2.5 is required in order to declare the Writing Minor.

-Students are required to complete 18 credits of approved courses (with a C or better) in order to graduate with a Writing Minor.

-All students are required to take Foundations: Usage, Voice, and Style, as well as an additional 15 credits in Writing (355) courses above the 100 level.  As Writing Intensive courses offer discipline-specific writing instruction and practice, we will accept one three-credit Writing Intensive course, taken at Rutgers-Newark, in any subject.

-Students must achieve a 2.5 average in order to earn the Writing Minor.

-Students must submit a professional portfolio containing selected works from each class in order to earn the Writing Minor.

Note for transfer students:
All students receiving a Writing Minor will take a minimum of 12 credits at Rutgers-Newark offered by the Writing Program. We will accept one three-credit Writing Intensive course taken at Rutgers-Newark, as well as one three-credit writing course above the 100 level, taken at another institution, pending a course evaluation.