WGSS Undergraduate Core Courses

Core Courses

Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies  (21:988:201)

This course offers a basic introduction to basic concepts and theories of Women’s Studies, drawing on a variety of disciplines and analyzing past and current discussions of gender, power and equity.

Introduction to LGBTQ Studies (21:988:205)

Introductory course in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies. Major topics will include the structural elements shaping LGBTQ lives, culture, politics, and contemporary controversies.

Trans Studies (21:988:305)

In this course we will elevate trans activists, artists, encarcerated people, sex workers, and working class people within a broad range of past and present justice-based movements, learn from historical and existing trans community-making strategies, draw on ideas of queer futurism, and imagine radical trans futures.

Disability Studies (21:988:306)

This course will provide knowledge about the experiences and culture of a range of disability communities, and especially about the traditions of critical thinking and modes of resistance developed within these communities.

Sexuality and Activism (21:988:325)

This course is an introduction to political issues, movements, and controversies related to sex and sexuality, and to the academic study of sexuality and gender. 

Feminist History and Theory (21:988:532)

The basic theoretical questions addressed in this course range from concepts such as woman/ women, the body, gender, nature, otherness, and change, to more abstract interrogations of the theoretical assumptions operating within the frameworks of critical theory and transnational feminism.

Internship (21:988:425)

This course permits students to take academic work into an activist arena on the campus and/or in the wider community.

Independent Study (21:988:401)

The purpose of an independent study is to provide the student with an opportunity to pursue study of a topic that is not offered in the wider curriculum. WGSS majors and minors, and students in the LGBTQ minor, may use the independent study course as a "capstone" course. 

Topics in Women's and Gender Studies (21:988:389, 390)

Topics courses allow the program to offer a variety of courses on specialized topics in women's and gender studies that are not offered elsewhere in the curriculum. The topics generally change each semester, providing students an opportunity to explore a variety of subjects in their WGSS course work. 



Related Courses

A number of courses offered by other departments may be counted toward the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies major and minors requirements.

  1. Art History
    1. Art and Women (21:082:207)
  2. African American and African Studies
    1. Women's Literature of the African Diaspora  (21:014:370)
    2. Race, Gender and American Film (21:014:255)
    3. Black Women in the United States (21:014:305)
  3. Biology
    1. Human Sexuality (21:120:208)
  4. Economics
    1. Women in the American Economy (21:220:312)
  5. English
    1. Topics in Women and Literature (21:350:360)
    2. Women in Literature (21:350:361,362)
  6. History
    1. History of the Family in the U.S. (21:512:337)
    2. History of Women in the United States  (21:512:273,274)
    3. LGBT History (21:512:204)
  7. Philosophy
    1. Philosophical Issues of Feminism (21:730:427)
  8. Political Science
    1. Sex, Law and Public Policy (21:790:356)
  9. Psychology
    1. Psychology of Sexual Orientation (21:830:469)
    2. Psychology of Women (21:830:373) 
  10. Social Work
    1. Human Diversity (21: 910: 345) 
  11. Sociology/Anthropology
    1. Marriage and Family (21:920:306)
    2. Sociology of Sex and Gender (21:920:337)
    3. Comparative Roles of Women (21:070:340)