The LGBTQ minor consists of 18 credits as follows: 

1. 3 credits of required core courses:

 21:988:205   Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Studies (3) 

2. 15 credits of required elective courses in a minimum of three departments from among the following: 

  21:790:356  Sex, Law, and Public Policy (3) 

  21:830:373  Psychology of Women (3) 

  21:830:469  Psychology of Sexual Orientation (3) 

  21:910:345  Human Diversity (3) 

  21:920:337  Sociology of Sex and Gender (3)

  21:988:301  Feminist History and Theory (3)

  21:988:325  Politics of Sexuality (3)

  21:988:389 or 390 Topics in Women's Studies (3,3)

  21:988:425  LGBTQ Resource Center Internship* (3)

  21:988:425  Women's Studies Internship (3) 

Or related courses from the following units**: 

  African American and African Studies 
  Biological Sciences 
  Criminal Justice 
  Urban Education  
  Philosophy and Religion 
  Political Science 
  Spanish and Portuguese Studies

*LGBTQ Resource Center Internship is listed under the Women's and Gender Studies Internship number (21:988:425) on the schedule of classes. 

**Please note: for unspecified courses, at least one-third of the course content must be dedicated to LGBTQ issues.