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Alternate Route - CE Holder Teacher Certification Programs


Our Alternate-Route Certificate of Eligibility (CE) Holder teacher certification programs are designed to equip new teachers and those interested in teaching to meet the complex opportunities, challenges, and needs of diverse students and urban communities.  The Department of Urban Education at Rutgers University-Newark offers two alternate-route teacher certification programs for Certificate of Eligibility (CE) Holders.  If you do not have CE, you are ineligible for alternate route. 

These offerings are for candidates who are teaching and already have a certificate of eligibility (CE) and need to complete a provisional teacher program.  For anyone who wants to work as a certified teacher they must apply for a certificate, which allows them to be hired.  Once hired they can then enroll in professional education coursework (2 years).  The hiring district will enroll you in the provisional teacher program. 

Enrollment takes place in the Fall, spring, and summer months.  The Alternate Route programs take two years for completion, along with summer coursework.  There are 8 required courses for both programs, detailed below.

CE Offerings

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual/Bicultural Education Program (8 courses)

* Must have a CE in one or both of the following areas: English as a Second Language (ESL), Bilingual/Bicultural Education 

Advising Sheet

  • Urban Secondary Education Program (8 courses)

* Must have a CE in one of the following areas: English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Physical Science, World Languages

Advising Sheet

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