Foundations of Urban Education Minor

Program Overview and Objectives

The Foundations of Urban Education minor at Rutgers University-Newark is an interdisciplinary program open to all undergraduate disciplines. The program looks at the historical, cultural, sociological, and philosophical perspectives in urban education and schooling, thus allowing students to learn and apply their learning at the intersection between urban education and their own career paths.

The historical, cultural, philosophical, and sociological foundations of most urban sectors lie within the city’s education and schooling spaces. Education and schooling tends to be the foundational center of the urban community, and its influence affects various sectors of urban life.

With this in mind, students who minor in the Foundations of Urban Education will engage in critical discussions and research about urban education from a justice-oriented, asset-based lens in order to understand urban communities as contexts of community cultural wealth. 

Upon the completion of the Foundations of Urban Education minor, students will be able to:

  • Apply cultural, historical, sociological, and philosophical knowledge and perspectives to education in the context of their career path
  • Critically analyze and evaluate the significance of education for families and communities in urban environments
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical practices that increase appreciation for a variety of cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and linguistic backgrounds
  • Understand the historical, cultural, sociological, and philosophical perspectives and dynamics between education, schooling, and society

The Foundations of Urban Education minor is right for you if:

The minor is housed in the Department of Urban Education, but includes courses from the Departments of History, Sociology, and Honors Living Learning. 

Graduation Requirements

Students need to complete eighteen credits in order to graduate with the minor. Two courses are required within the minor and the rest are suggested elective options students can select from. See the Curriculum Outline and Course Descriptions page for more information on courses and electives for the minor, and below for a list of minor-approved courses offered during the 2021-2022 academic year.


Minor Course Offerings for 2021 and 2022


Course Name

Course Number

*Social Foundations of Urban Education


*Child and Adolescent Psychology and the Urban Experience


Video Games and Learning

21:300:395, Section 61

Introduction to Ontological Inquiry: Access to Power

21:300:395, Section 71

Equity in Education: Policies, Programs, and Practices

21:300:395, Section 72

Education in the Global World

21:300:395, Section 70

Collaborative Leadership and Social Innovation


Health Disparities: Impact on Urban Communities




*Social Foundations of Urban Education


Video Games and Learning 21:300:395
*indicates required course  

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